Top 5 Concert Must-Haves to Bring With You Every Time

Top 5 Concert Must-Haves

Top 5 Concert Must-Haves

When you’re thinking about an upcoming concert, there’s a few details you need to consider. The biggest and most important of these details is: what are you going to bring!? I just returned from a concert in Seattle and boy was I reminded of many concert must-haves last night.

I’ve never been an often concert attendee, only attending maybe three large-scale concerts in my entire 21 years of living. For the newbie concert goers, here’s a checklist of the five most important items you must have for your next concert expedition:

1. Comfortable shoes (and perhaps some Dr. Scholl’s). My concert was three hours long and I must say: even a slight wedge hurt my feet terribly since we stood the entire time (granted I have flat feet syndrome and my feet are in horrible shape in the first place). I wish I had packed more comfortable sandals and maybe even some Dr. Scholl’s.

2. Lots of water. Staying hydrated is so important. You can’t believe how HOT it gets inside an arena or stadium—sweat, smoke and heat galore (especially if the performer has special effects such as fire and/or fireworks, like mine did). Drink up and always keep extra bottles on hand.

3. A bucket of watermelon. It sounds weird, but last night I purchased a large container of watermelon at the market and it came in super handy when I returned to the hotel. My throat was sore, my feet burned and I was grossly sweaty. Popping open that container of chilled, sweet watermelon was pure heaven. Make sure you have a bucket of your favorite fresh fruit ready for recovery snacking!

4. Layers upon layers. Equally important to the first three items, wearing layers is vital to your concert survival! Last night, I wore a long black maxi dress (with spaghetti straps, allowing for good airflow) and a near floor-length cover up for the chilly walk to and from the arena. In the beginning, you will likely be extremely cold, and by the end you will be sweating your butt off. Allow yourself the freedom to dress up and dress down.

5. A lot of patience. Frankly put: you will deal with a variety of assholes at every concert—those who block your view, those who are too drunk, those who are obnoxiously loud (I’m that girl) and those who go in and out of the row DURING the concert. That last one is my biggest pet peeve. Can you not wait for intermission, or hello: wait until a popular song is over? You’ll need to exercise a lot of patience to deal with the people who you’re about to encounter.

What are your tips for a successful concert expedition? School me in the comments so I’ll know better next time!