Cute Fall Decor That Reminds Us Why Autumn is Our Favorite Season

Emma and I are HUGE fans of fall! Everything cute fall decor, pumpkin spice, over-the-knee socks, booties, fallen leaves and warm, chunky scarves. Autumn is the time when you truly SEE the seasons changing and begin to feel excited for winter!

What's our favorite thing about autumn? Being able to decorate our spaces and spruce them up, of course! :) We have collected a roundup of our very favorite cute fall decor - PLUS, we've partnered up with an amazing Etsy designer, Cami Monet who is hooking us up with a promo code to her shop (excludes her phone case via Casetify)!

PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE MUG (score 10% off with code "BONFIRE" valid thru Sept. 30!)

PUMPKIN SPICE CALLIGRAPHY PRINT (score 10% off with code "BONFIRE" valid thru Sept. 30!)

WOODLAND HEDGEHOG WATERCOLOR PRINT (score 10% off with code "BONFIRE" valid thru Sept. 30!)


Remember: if you'd like to purchase one of Cami Monet's beautiful prints or mugs, use the coupon code "BONFIRE" for 10% off now thru Sept. 30, 2016! I know we will be stockin' up to beautify our desks and workspaces!

Which item is your favorite? Leave your comment below!