How to Dive Back Into Dating After a Serious Relationship

This post is one that has taken me a long time to write, but I feel like I needed to do it. Getting "back on the saddle" of dating is never easy, especially dating after a serious relationship!

The last relationship I was in lasted almost a year and was also the longest relationship I'd ever been in. I was in love with my best friend and to this day I'm still so happy that it happened.

Sometimes things don't work out the way you want them to and people go their separate ways. It sucks, it really does. How do you know that you're ready for something new?

Here's five go to tips if dating is in your near future ;)


This is the number one rule I give myself before I enter into a relationship. Make sure you're totally happy dating yourself first! Don't forget that you are a whole entity on your own, you don't need a partner to survive. If you are uncomfortable with being single, then re-evaluate why you feel this way!


Don't ever force life into happening! Don't feel like you need to "swipe right" on every hottie you see, some of the best things happen when we least expect it.


I found myself in a rut after my last breakup. I was so used to life being a certain way and having specific rituals that I followed. When that ended, I was in a crisis not knowing what to do with myself. This is the time in my life when I picked up new hobbies, reconnected with old friends and saw as much as I could!


It's totally okay to be nostalgic and to value the good times you shared. Being wrapped up into thinking about how your ex feels or will react to your new partner is just going to keep you both feeling stuck in the past!


Value every memory you make, and keep in mind that those experiences and good times are still there after you broke up. Life happens around us and we don't have enough time to bother being bitter about our love lives. 

Which tips most helped you? Share your tips in the comments!




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