Affordable Decorative Phone Cases by Caseier


Seeking out some super cute, decorative phone cases? Caseier has exactly what you're looking for! I wasn't sure what to expect when trying out these phone cases, but after a little research and finding other reviews, I was sure I'd be a fan!

The phone cases arrived on my doorstep in the cutest tin boxes, what Caseier calls their "gift boxes". These boxes aim to keep your cases in great shape during the shipping journey. The gift boxes are also perfect for portable storage, for items such as jewelry, business cards, the list goes on!

The first case I chose was one of Caseier's signatures: a Van Gogh piece, "The Starry Night". Caseier focuses on utilizing the beloved artwork of famous painters, paying tribute to these unique creators. I think this is a wonderful way to share these iconic pieces with a new generation.

A second choice was the "Golden Leaves" case - a beautiful black backdrop with a gold foil effect, dancing long, delicate leaves and white holly. This gives me somewhat of a holiday vibe, but would be fantastic year-round.

FInally, I picked out the "Pinecone" case. I love anything minimalistic and adorable like these pinecones that appear to be kissed by the snow. The perfect winter phone case, this design still leaves its user with a great amount of their phone still visible (great for those who opt for a colored phone, such as a rose colored iPhone).

I was pleased to discover that each phone case was high quality, well made and much thicker than I had imagined! Caseier's specific fiber forming process adds 50% toughness and as a result makes the phone cases more durable than something you might buy off Amazon. These cases are softer material, not cheap plastic that will break when you try to apply it to your phone.

Fun Fact: Each phone case is also carefully crafted with 3D Relievo printing! This adds a unique physical feel to the cases, allowing the artistic prints to stand out and look more realistic than other phone case prints you may find elsewhere.

I don't know about you, but I've had a lot of horrible experiences buying phone cases off Amazon and Etsy, always hoping that the case would be good quality and ending up terribly disappointed with the outcome. I am a true believer in Caseier now and will consider it my first go-to fashion phone case brand.


*This is a sponsored post. I was pleased when Caseier approached me to give an honest review of their products and can honestly say that I will recommend their products to anyone who asks. They offer fast shipping with reliable and truthfully advertised product.



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