Derik Nelson & Family's Magical Winter Concert


Okay, so I like to brag about my friends' talents, especially those of the Nelsons. This sister-brothers trio is crazy skilled, running and conceptualizing their own brand entirely on their own. I am honored to be their friend and longtime loyal fan, always invited to join them at their home for an intimate winter concert comprised of their most supportive family and friends. I like to call this: Derik Nelson & Family's Magical Winter Concert. Let's start by talking about Derik, the middle child and the group's swooner singer who produces, fulfills the arrangements, records, mixes and plays guitar (and all other instruments you hear on their tracks)--the team has a solid star. This guy has been on "Glee" (for many seasons) and a variety of other hit shows, garnering a large fan base of screaming girls (and guys).

His older sister, Riana has a statement style and a keen eye for great art. Also contributing her beautiful vocals to this team, she is responsible for all press and management, as well as the artwork. When she's not busy on the road, Riana lends her hands to designing gorgeous calligraphic and watercolor invitations, paintings, cards, menus, etc. for clients.

Even as the youngest at 24, Dalten has his own skillset that stands out (not to mention his vocal range is incredible). Operating all video, stage and tech direction, Dalten's videography talent is impressive.

With all three siblings singing their hearts out and meshing together their unique backgrounds to form a wholesome group, there's nothing these guys can't do! Recently signed to ECE Touring, the group will be able to tour leaps and bounds from where they previously could (which was a fantastic feat in itself) starting this year.

For the past few years, Derik Nelson & Family have toured the West Coast raising money for music education in schools at over 40 locations, using their talents to give back to the kids who they hope will someday have the same opportunities to shine, encouraging them to take chances outside of their comfort zone.

Here's one of my favorite new songs of theirs along with a beautiful, minimalistic music video:

This particular evening I spent with the Nelsons was emotional for all who attended, had me in tears (in the best way) and reminded me of the importance of taking chances, going after your true calling in life and giving back to the causes that touch your heart.

I am so very blessed that Derik took me into his family a decade ago when I was that screaming fangirl at one of his very first local shows, begging for his autograph. At that point, he must've been no older than 19, and to watch the immense success he has accomplished (and will) since is quite an honor.

My favorite attribute of all the Nelsons would be their open hearts. Anytime I run into them, whether it's just on the streets of downtown or at a grocery store, they eagerly embrace me, asking me all about what's new with me. Their selfless nature was certainly instilled by their wonderful parents, and I have 100 percent faith that it will never fade.

They also put out a pretty damn good dessert spread... just thought I'd throw that in here.

To learn more about the Nelsons, visit their website and get connected to all their social media.