De-Stressing During Busy Days

You may have noticed that I've broken my perfect blogging record recently. I'm exhausted. I worked a 30 hour week (which is very odd, almost unheard of in my typical life) with another 20 hours to go next week. It's back-to-school season in retail and it's hard to escape the buzz.

To add another exciting event to the mix, Jared and I spent a night at the hospital due to a severe bout of strep throat that we thought was possibly tonsillitis. He couldn't breathe very well, it felt like he was being choked... long story short, he is now beginning a 10-day round of antibiotics and steroid for pain relief. He's such a stoic soul that doesn't want anyone to worry!

I've been documenting most of my days on my Snapchat account. Follow me if you have one by adding "franklykathryn" to your friends list. This is the best way to keep updated on my whereabouts in real-time while I might not be blogging consistently during these crazy days.

During stressful times, these are some of my favorite ways to de-stress:

Drink a cup of tea (either iced or hot). Add some lemon to a cup of cold water.

Jot down feelings, or blog them out. Create content around full aspects of life (stress and all).

Take photos and embrace life through photography, capturing even the bad moments.

Eat comfort food (my favorite is Thai takeout).

Binge-watch TV with all the terrible, braincell-crushing shows.

Go for a walk, a bike ride, anything that releases the endorphins and relishes the happiness.

SHOP! Spend a buck or two.

Write down goals for the future and bucket list items (if you're a dream lover like myself).


What are some of your best stress-relieving behaviors?