Disneyland on a Budget: Money-Saving Hacks for Disneyland Vacation

Disneyland on a Budget

I finally took the plunge this year and bought an annual Disneyland pass! To be honest, it was pretty brutal when it came time to check out--Disneyland is an expensive investment. But I look at it like so: it’s an investment. If you’re like me and you see yourself going more than twice in a year, the pass pays for itself. There are also a variety of ways to go to Disneyland on a budget.

If you’re not going more than twice in a year, one day tickets / single park are the best value. If you do stay for more than one day however, I highly suggest doing a park hopper and enjoying both parks! This brings me to my favorite tips for saving some money at Disneyland:

Get the Most From Your Buck

If you’re spending the money to get into the park, I really suggest getting the most out of it by spending ten more dollars on the Disney Max Pass. The Max Pass is available through the Disneyland App on your phone and this allows you not only to see wait times (the app is free, totally get it!), but the Max Pass itself allows you to get fast passes for rides while you’re in the park and you don’t have to go to the ride itself to pick it up! You can’t do more than one at a time, but after the allotted wait time it gives you, you can get another one. We got into a really good groove with lining them up back to back and very rarely waited for anything. With the pass, you can also get any or all of your ride photos downloaded to your phone for free! Yes girl.

Bring a Snack Bag

You’re allowed to bring your own food! You can either bring a cooler to keep in your car or a small insulated bag in your backpack if you plan on bringing temperature-sensitive items. I like to eat in the parks, but I usually also bring some power bars, an apple and trail mix to snack on during wait times or when I can feel my energy dropping.

Go During Off Season

Not only is it a much less crowded time to go, but some of the fares like the 1 day-1 park ticket usually goes down to about $99, before being hiked up again for late spring and summer.

Check AAA or Costco

If you’re a cardholder at either of these places, you can usually find deals on multi-day packages. Not so much the one-day tickets, but if you’re planning a big family trip, this is a great way to go.

Stick to a Budget

It’s so easy to get carried away with all the food, merchandise and things you’ll want to blow aaallllll your money on! Keep yourself grounded and set to a specific amount for souvenirs, food, etc. before you go in.


Enjoy your trip to Disney! Once you visit, pop your additional tips in the comments below!

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Disneyland on a Budget




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