DIY : Flower Crowns

Today, I'll be going over how to make music festival-worthy flower crowns in just a few simple steps (it's so easy, we could all think of it ourselves)!

What You'll Need:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Faux flowers
  • Headband (or twine to create a headband--your choice)

First, gather your faux flowers and begin to remove the heads of the flowers from the rest of the plant (use scissors if you find it to be more complex, but they should easily pop off). Plug in your hot glue gun and grab your headband of choice! We chose the stretchy kind that you can buy at Charlotte Russe or any other juniors clothing store that sells hair accessories.

Then, begin gluing the flowers one by one to the headband. It's easiest (I found) if you glue the little stems to one side of the band, rather than trying to align them to stand up straight. However, my friend Emily made it happen. It all depends on the variety of flowers used. Let the headband dry completely before trying to wear the crown.

And now, your flower crown should look something like this:

You're so totally ready for Coachella!

Did you decide to try this DIY craft? Send me photos of you wearing your flower crown(s) on my Facebook wall for everyone to see!