DIY: Make Your Best Marble Instagram Flat Lay in Just $10

Ever wonder how the gals on Instagram achieve a beautiful flat lay backdrop of marble on their images? I always wished I could achieve this look, but didn't know the easiest and most affordable way until I realized: home improvement stores carry slabs of marble (or similar-to-marble) flooring! You don't need to buy a marble table worth hundreds of dollars in order to have beautiful flat lays. Today, I'm showing you how to achieve the marble flat lay look in just $10. Don't believe me? Here's my receipt from my local Lowe's Hardware:

As you can see, you can purchase just one slab for about $5, or opt for two that will allow the most space available.

I started by laying out the two slabs on my coffee table - they're heavy and breakable, so be careful!

While mine aren't actual marble, the replication is pretty spot on and I like it!

I then started by laying out random objects for the flat lay and experimented a few times.

Here's how my flat lay turned out:

To make your own kickass flat lay, head to your local hardware store and hit the "Flooring" aisle. You won't regret it!

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DIY Marble Instagram Flat Lay
DIY Marble Instagram Flat Lay