DIY: Make Your Own Magical Pinterest Wedding Book

DIY Make Your Own Magical Pinterest Wedding Book
DIY Make Your Own Magical Pinterest Wedding Book

Are you a Monica Geller (from "F.R.I.E.N.D.S.")? I certainly am! Although my wedding is years away, I've already started planning for fun from my "I Do" Pinterest board. I take a few pins that I feel best represent my dreams for my someday wedding and compile them into a notebook where I can keep track. Yes, I am this ridiculous, but it totally helps your organization!

Can you imagine how easy it will be in a few years when you actually need to have something there for you to begin with? For those of you brides-to-be super soon, this will come in very handy during your complex planning process.

I started by laying out all the supplies I had saved from previous scrapbooking endeavors. A lot of these are specifically for Smashbooks, or just random trinkets I picked up at the local craft store. These helped me create a fun layout for each of my pages (all protected by sheet protectors, of course). I used tissue paper from gifts, patterned washi tape and metallic gold and silver permanent markers to add more depth.

Here's an example page above. When my grandmother got married, she wore a beautiful flower crown (most similar to the one on the bottom left of the page) and later on passed this off to my mom who wore it at she and my dad's wedding. There's always a mixture of dried past flowers as well as the new flowers added at each wedding. This grandmother was the closest family member in my entire life, and I cannot wait to wear this on my wedding day in honor of her - it was instantly one of the first things I researched on Pinterest.

Along with the initial supplies, I also bought small envelopes and notes that can be taped to the page for some extra flair and texture. I can write notes to my future self and stick them in here if I wish, easing the wedding planning process.

Maybe I'm cray-cray for making this Pinterest DIY, but I think I'm pretty practical!

Here's What You'll Need:

  • A binder or notebook of some sort
  • Page protectors of some sort
  • Markers, pens of your choice
  • Washi tape, ribbon, stickers, notepads, scrapbooking materials with quotes and sayings, decorative slips and envelopes and anything else decorative
  • Glue sticks and clear tape
  • Scissors
  • Plain paper (printer paper is fine) for the base of each page
  • Printer that has enough ink to print Pinterest photos

Cheers to being a Monica!

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DIY Make Your Own Magical Pinterest Wedding Book
DIY Make Your Own Magical Pinterest Wedding Book