Dreaming of Dogs: Should We Adopt?

There's something Jared and I have talked about, but we're not quite ready for: adopting our very own pup! We both grew up with dogs as pets and immensely enjoy their company. We've agreed that we both love cats, but we'd prefer a dog as our first pet we share together. We're thinking, a smaller dog.

When I was a kid, my parents got our first dog, Tess. I had just turned 7 years old and was begging them for a furry friend. Tess was a black labrador retriever that we had found from a private owner in Woodinville, Washington. During our visit, my dad knelt down to pet one of her siblings and she jumped into his arms. We knew she was the one we had to take home. Sadly, we lost her to cancer in 2013 when she was 12.

After Tess, my folks adopted Mocha. Another black lab. This time, we took her from a loving family that was concerned for her safety, living right next to a highway with little kids that would constantly leave the yard's gate open. She's currently ~7 years old and very happy with my parents. We swear she must have some German Shepherd in her... look at those ears!

(She was watching a Mariners baseball game in this last photo...)

Jared's most recent dog was a Golden Retriever. A sweetheart, but she's getting pretty old. We've both done the "big dog thing," and want to branch out. Here's what we've come up with: beagle, miniature dachshund, pug, bulldog, the list goes on... anything that's not a chihuahua. They're cute, but annoying.

What dog should we get?

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