8 Ways to Take Action When You Don't Get the Job

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So, that job you applied for didn’t pan out? Don’t sweat it, sweetheart! What do you do when you don't get the job?

I’ve been where you are—I think we all have. Jobs come and go, but there’s one thing I know to be true: if you work hard and do things that will enhance your resume/show increasing personal growth, you will wind up where you’re supposed to in due time.

When I applied for the last big job listing, I was encouraged to apply to see if it would work out, however I still had a flourishing business on the side and had no worries as to my income stability if this particular job hadn’t panned out (which it didn’t). Reminding yourself that you still have options (and keeping that door open) is incredibly important through the job search process!

Trust me: there’s nothing wrong with you; someone was just better suited for the job—that’s it! It may be harsh to realize that your skills are better suited elsewhere, but wouldn’t you rather have this fact be told to you upfront instead of wasting your time?


One of the greatest pieces of advice I suggest to those who are looking for their dream job or simply a better situation than they are in is to start networking. Networking can bring about connections you never knew you may have had, or new connections that may give you your next big gig.

Check your community for local networking business groups and actively work to improve your online presence of your personal brand. Blogging is a great way to do this. It establishes your authority as well as shows your competency. In addition to near-daily blogging here, I also re-post my marketing-specific posts to my business website’s blog and keep an accurate reflection of my work across all my online social networks.


If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your resume and grab some extra work to keep you occupied, volunteering is a wonderful option for you. I’ve volunteered for an organization or business since early 2010 consistently (I was 15, almost 16 years old).

I started at a local library, switched to my old elementary school’s library, then got heavily involved in the LGBTQ rights movement and joined my local chapter of the national organization PFLAG which I’ve served for six years on the Board of Directors. This opportunity allowed me to become secretary and social media manager on a non-profit level, greatly adding credibility to my resume.

Pick something that genuinely excites you and seek out opportunities that directly relate to your someday career.


I mean it, lady! You are the very best. If this particular company or business didn’t want to hire you, it’s their loss. You have skills that will serve someone well someday. Just because it didn’t work out with one entity doesn’t mean it won’t somewhere else (it actually never does).

Even though it’s easy to get down on yourself (I’ve been there), it’s in this moment when you must remind yourself that everything happens for a reason and this is not a personal attack against you as a person. Your skills are kickass and you’ll be able to flourish with them soon than later.


To an extent, that is. One of my greatest mentors would consistently tell me, “Just work, girl and don’t ask questions!” Of course, if you’re put in a sticky situation and you feel uncomfortable: ASK QUESTIONS!

Otherwise, you may need to take a job that isn’t your favorite or isn’t the best for your long-term. It pays the bills and helps you gain a realistic outlook on the job market. Knowing a job that feels like hell (that was me almost every day for four years working in retail) will help you wholeheartedly appreciate the good job when you get it.


I’m the biggest proponent of lifelong learning. I think this is vital to continued self-growth and challenge, especially when you’re in a field such as mine (digital marketing) that always, ALWAYS changes and morphs with each new trend.

Take charge of your education (even after college) and engage with webinars, conferences, seminars, you name it. There’s nothing I love more than a damn good webinar or e-course!


One of the most tender things you can do for yourself is give yourself a break. You can't work hard every day, and that's totally okay! Eat some chocolate, watch a funny show, binge on your favorite guilty pleasure. Give yourself the space to relax and regroup, then get ready to then take on the world and start all over again! Be patient and kind to yourself.


I hope you asked the potential employer what you could do better the next time you have an interview/apply for similar jobs! Doing so allows you to brush up on your best interview skills (and put your best foot forward). Read articles on the best interview questions to ask, start adding more skills to your arsenal (especially any that didn't get you the job) and prepare yourself for the next one.


More importantly, this final action can save you a world’s worth of heartache. I’m not saying it’s a piece of cake or a walk in the park, but being able to set your own rules in your own business can be truly so awesome.

When I launched my business in December of last year, I had no clue what I was doing but I knew it was what I was meant to do. I’m not the type for a 9-5 desk job and office politics. I’m a real, no-BSer that values true leadership and setting my own rules. These values definitely came from years working somewhere where I was underappreciated, undervalued and misunderstood.

Being able to run my own business enables me to work my own clock, work with the clients I want to work with and most importantly do what I absolutely LOVE. I still have a small employment on the side to pay the bills and I have a lot to learn as a business owner, but there’s nowhere but up from here!

What are you doing to take action in your life? Leave more suggestions for others in the comments!