Feel Flawless With Easy Contour Tips

Feel Flawless with Easy Contour Tips
Feel Flawless with Easy Contour Tips

Adding contour to your regular makeup routine can add depth to your look. I have a very round face, so I use contour to give my cheekbones more dimension. Here's how you can feel flawless with easy contour tips!

Before I started learning more about contour, I was pretty intimidated. I assure you that it can be a simple and fun way to add some subtle shading to your face shape.

There's no need to spend tons of money! I use a powder contour palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, but when I started playing with contour I used an inexpensive bronzer palette I got at Ulta.

What you'll need: A thin stiff brush. A thick fluffy brush. Sponge blender (I don't use one for power but you can if you want to help with blending). Dark and light powder or creme.

Here's a guide--the red is for contour and the blue is for highlight!

Taking a darker color, I use the thin brush to make a line from my upper ear down in an angle motion. Following this, I use the thick brush to blend. I do the same on my jaw bone, my temples, nose and my hairline.

I highlight my center forehead, my nose, under eyes and chin. Start with light lines and add more as you go if you want! Some days I have dark contour, some days I play with how high or low my lines are. I try to document my contour with photos when I'm feeling particularly proud of it. This helps me keep track of what I like on myself and what I don't.

It's amazing what contour can do to your face shape! Makeup to me is all about self expression, and having fun with your appearance.

Happy contouring!

Feel Flawless with Easy Contour Tips
Feel Flawless with Easy Contour Tips