6 Easy Ways to Save Money While in School

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For the last week of September, I'm sharing my tips + tricks with those of you who are freshmen either starting high school or college this fall. These are the little lessons that I've discovered from the storytellers in my life and my experiences thus far. Today, let’s go over the topic of saving money while in school with six easy steps!

B/S/T Groups + Vinted.com

One incredibly easy way to get instant cash in your pocket is to sell items that you don't use around the house, or go through your old clothing and separate out what you wish to keep and what you can bare to part with. Usually, there are multiple Buy/Sell/Trade groups on Facebook that pertain to your particular city, or the surrounding cities/county. For clothing, I would recommend Vinted.com. Vinted is a safe way to sell your clothes with fashion-forward ladies across the country, and each item you sell comes with a prepaid shipping label.


This definitely rolls over into #3 and #4, but Pinterest has countless DIYs and tutorials to keep you busy without spending a fortune at the movie theater or the mall. Every week, I set aside a single day for my friend and I to pick a DIY craft and hangout all morning. We aren't spending tons of dollars on new clothes, nor excessive amounts on movie tickets or event fees. If you pick just the right craft, you may end up creating something with things you have laying around.

Cooking Food at Home

Utilizing Pinterest, you can find quick and simple, cheap recipes that you can cook in the comfort of your own home. Eating out all the time has definitely been one of the most spendy trends that I have participated in throughout college, and I definitely gained my freshman fifteen (or more like thirty!) while doing it. We all struggle when takeout is the easiest option, but with just a tiny bit more work you can prepare a meal at home for half the price of takeout.

Date Nights at Home

Similar to #3, there are fun and cheap things to do for a date night without breaking the bank. Just curl up with a blanket and a good movie, or play a card/trivia game to test each others' knowledge. I shared this article of 50 cheap date night ideas a while back, and I still think it's incredibly helpful.

Be the Customer at Your Workplace

Throughout college, I have worked retail. My workplace sells juniors clothing for ladies around the ages of 16-26, so naturally I'm their targeted customer! Usually, when you work a job in retail you get an employee discount with a certain percentage off. I can't illustrate how much of my closet comes from my work. If you work at a movie theater, take your date to a free movie. If you work at Forever21, buy most of your clothes with your discount. If you work for Starbucks, snag some sweets for your family. At the end of the day, the savings truly add up.

Shopular, EBATES + Other Money Saving Apps

There are a variety of websites and phone apps that provide coupons and discounts to the everyday shopper. Two of my favorites are Shopular and EBATES. Shopular is an iPhone app that lets you see all the current coupons to your favorite pre-selected stores (no more searching through annoying couponing websites with already past expiration dates), and provides you with codes for both online and in-store purchases. EBATES is a website that offers cash back for your online purchases with your favorite retailers. Just open a sale from their site, and you will get some dough right back into your pocket!

Of course, the only other foolproof way to save money is not to spend it... but you know, a girl's got needs (or umm... maybe just desires).

What are some of the ways that you save money? Comment below or share them on my Facebook wall for others to see!