Everyday Reflections V1: Cacti Need Names, Too

  • I just bought myself a set of little cacti plants, and after reading this post from Five Foot Seven, I realized that I should probably name them. I'm gonna go with Molly, Jane and Stew. Molly is a delicate lady - very beautiful. Jane is your average plain jane. And Stew is tall and lanky - the shape of the kind of cacti you see in the desert. All he needs is a cowboy hat! ;)
  • If it doesn't happen, it isn't part of the plan. Everything happens for a reason and things will happen when they're supposed to. Just consider each failure as a blessing in disguise.
  • When in doubt, say YES! If you come from a place of yes, everything will fall into place and your opportunities will widen. If that means taking the extra few hours at work, or helping a citizen with a favor, saying yes is the biggest gift we can give another (and ourselves).
  • Have you tried the new Starbucks latte macchiato? Trying it without caramel was a mistake.
  • Everyone has a different communicating style and tapping into these can give our businesses and personal endeavors the true potential to flourish... big time. I took part in a staff coaching training where we discussed our styles and discovered I am a chameleon! Being able to bend to your atmosphere and setting is a true gift, but being honest to yourself about your strengths (and pitfalls) is even more important.
  • A good pair of leggings solves all problems. I mean it. Allllll the problems.
  • Generational gaps are the best source of our wisdom. Not only the old folk preaching to the young folk, but vice versa as well! We can all learn from each other and respect the knowledge we have to offer across experiences and eras.
  • America's Got Talent is rigged. Just absolutely rigged. #TeamJon #TeamClairvoyants #TeamLinkinBridge #TeamViktorKee #TeamAnyoneElse
  • The Intern is certainly my new (older) favorite movie. I absolutely kill for anything directed by the great Nancy Meyers! She and Nora Ephron have definitely become my two favorite badass female film creators.
  • Target has the best lounge pants for just $19.99 right now and the speckled gray color is LIFE!
  • If two people are absolutely committed - whether this is in a romantic relationship, familial relationship or a friendship, anything is possible. The beauty of human resilience is unbeatable.

What are your reflections from recent moments? I'd love to hear your newest find or lesson!



"Everyday Reflections" is a series written by Kathryn regarding her daily life musings, wisdom and favorite finds. It has no set schedule - it is born out of the lessons learned on a regular basis, recorded when they feel most right. Its purpose is a diary - a documentation of what's experienced in a particular period of a life's story. Click here to read more from the series.