Everyday Reflections V2: You Are All You Have. Honestly, Truly.

  • Life never turns out the way you planned - it's funny like that.
    Ha. Ha. I promise I'm laughing.
  • No one can define or claim you/your abilities. You know yourself best!
  • If you go through a decent jewelry company, resizing a ring is free. WHAT. And here I was lazily going without a ring for six months because I thought it'd cost a fortune!
  • I'm not sure the Kardashians were right about the Lumee phone case.
  • Snow is a true blessing. You may not be driving, but you will see the goodness and childlike spirit come out in fellow humans.
  • You must think through your white elephant gifts! You can't gift something that isn't usable by a majority of guests + you shouldn't gift something that is cheap - I'm sorry! #PartyPooper
  • I've gone through my entire life without an ugly Christmas sweater. Girl, how!?
  • This meme is pretty much everything I'm living for lately:
yas queen sleigh meme
  • The most ironic changes can happen when you least expect them to. They are our blessings in disguise confirming that we are on the right life path + hold the correct vision for how we, individually, are supposed to walk this earth.
  • Pound cake is good. Even better if you add a dash of lemon.
  • Ask Alexa to "Open the Magic Door". Just do it.
  • I absolutely suck at micro-blogging on Instagram, but I'm trying! If you haven't already, follow my feed. Also, what the heck is up with the lack of spacing + formatting abilities in the latest update, IG!?
  • Facebook reveals more than I'd like it to about people's loyalties. If they're not liking your statuses but are obsessing over your mutual friends, there's a pretty good chance they don't like you all that much. #ISeeYou
  • Waffles on a stick are pretty much God's greatest creation. You know, other than stuffed garlic knots from Pizza Hut ;)
  • My heated blanket is the only way I'm going to survive this winter! Pro $$$ Saving Tip: Invest in a heated blanket and bundle up. I've found that a wall plugin uses way less energy than heating your whole space.
  • Aldo handbags are fantastic! I recently received the Deroloru style for Christmas (no longer available on the website), but I also love the Ametrine style that is still up. Why am I so late to the bandwagon!?
  • As a final and important tidbit, this piece is so calming as we welcome a new year!

What are your reflections from recent moments?
I'd love to hear your newest find or lesson!



"Everyday Reflections" is a series written by Kathryn regarding her daily life musings, wisdom and favorite finds. It has no set schedule - it is born out of the lessons learned on a regular basis, recorded when they feel most right. Its purpose is a diary - a documentation of what's experienced in a particular period of a life's story. Click here to read more from the series.




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