Everyday Reflections V3: Hate Has No Home Here

  • I've actually become addicted to horrible food and I've recognized that I have the power to change within me. I visited a lovely new naturopath the other day and took the initiative to take better care of my body.
  • When you get a large group of people together (peacefully) and demand change, change will come. That's the way it's always happened and always will.
  • A medium iced Kicker coffee from Dutch Bros is EVERYTHING! This is my cheat item I'm allowing myself to have in place of horrible food.
  • Molly's (from Seattle, Washington) makes the best wraps - just try their "Hangry Vegan" complete with tofu and their spicy peanut sauce. It's like a spring roll... in a tortilla!
  • I have a bad taste in my mouth from people who write petty social media sub-posts about something you posted... girl, you're obviously talking about ME and what I said/did! It's even worse when they misidentify you in the process. Take a seat.
  • No matter what your hometown's culture now holds as you've grown up, you have the power to enjoy your space just as you once did. Take it back, girlfriend. I recently signed a client that will allow me to celebrate my city in all its glory + it feels so good!
  • I'm having mixed feelings about Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery. It's a great color in plants and even when used sparingly in interior design, but I'm not the biggest fan of it in fashion or beauty. I'll stick to my green juices, thank you very much :)
  • I'm going to be posting a new huge playlist tomorrow, curated from my "Discover Weekly" Spotify suggested playlist. I'm super excited to share it with you!
  • White is my latest favorite nail polish color. It's been one of my faves throughout my life, but I haven't worn it in maybe a year! Side note: I hate Essie nail polish. Why is that a thing!? I don't have time to paint three coats before I get any decent pigment! ;)
  • We need to find "good friends, good company and keep up the good faith in our resistance" during these times, as a dear community member and activist toasted over cocktails the other night. This is vital for us as we weather this storm of 2017 and our political climate!
  • Sophia Amoruso, author and inventor of the #girlboss phenomenon has a podcast! #Girlboss Radio is her gem meant to shine a light on incredible girlbosses. Give it a try!
  • Speaking of podcasts, you must give Jenna (JennaMarbles) and Julien's podcast a listen. They are full of insight, education (and of course, humor!).
  • Android users will be crying now! iPhone's release of the Portrait mode (Camera) in iPhone 7 is changing the game. Have you tried it? I'm upgrading tomorrow - I can't be without! #DEAD
  • You've gotta try the Que Bella face masks from Target - my new fave is the Coconut Nourishing Cream Mask, but their charcoal and deep sea masks are great, too.


I'd love to hear your newest find or lesson in the comments below!



"Everyday Reflections" is a series written by Kathryn regarding her daily life musings, wisdom and favorite finds. It has no set schedule - it is born out of the lessons learned on a regular basis, recorded when they feel most right. Its purpose is a diary - a documentation of what's experienced in a particular period of a life's story. Click here to read more from the series.



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