Beat the Gym With These Exciting Active Hobbies

Sick of the gym? Me too! No shame! The gym is annoyingly exhausting, but not only that: it's a pain to drive to/carve out the time for/plan with intention. Beat the gym with these exciting active hobbies (and never feel bad about neglecting your body again):


Instead of doing a complex gym workout, pop into a spin class! Ever since SoulCycle became a hit, everyone has been raving about this type of exercise. You may not have a specific SoulCycle class unless you live in a bigger city, but doing a simple Google search will present you with your best options.


I'm not quite a yogi, but I'm a big yoga fan. Yoga classes range in skill and can start at gentle backcare (I swear, I feel so weird bending and stretching with 70 year olds) and may end at Ashtanga, widely accepted as the most difficult practice. Equally fantastic for your mind and soul, yoga is a multi-faceted workout with many benefits.


Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved the art of figure skating. Not the kind with classical music at The Olympics, but the artistic and daring kind - the flips, tricks and costumes during touring shows like Stars On Ice. When I was 14, I took up figure skating for about a year or two after being incredibly inspired by my idols. Ice skating is a great way to get your blood pumping (but you'll never be piping hot because you're basically in an igloo)!


Nope, I'm not lying. Kayaking is a great arm muscle strengthener and can burn calories just like those stationary bikes at the gym. Plus, it's a leisurely way to enjoy your family or sweetie on a weekend in summer. Now you can choose the lake instead of four walls.


I'm a big fan of getting my body moving in unconventional ways. Although I'm a sucker for the treadmill, dancing is my second favorite form of exercise. Whether this is interpretive, modern dance (my favorite) to your favorite music or a skilled music video replication, put on the beats and lose yourself in the rhythm!


Perfect for friends, family and even your coworkers, there's probably a ton of challenge courses not that far from where you live. Like Adventura close by me in Woodinville, Washington that hosts an aerial adventure course out in nature. Whether indoors or outdoors, pick a course that will push your boundaries (a healthy amount).


I'm a HUGE fan of Cassey Ho. Even though she makes me want to scream in her face when she's doing the pilates moves without a care in sight. I mean, she's done them a million times before and she makes it look so easy! If you want an intense workout that will encourage, uplift and strengthen you, Blogilates (POP Pilates) is the way to go.

P.S. If you subscribe to Cassey's newsletter, you will get monthly printable calendars with new challenges each day, or you can pick and choose from her website.

P.P.S. Fun Fact - 24 Hour Fitness uses exclusively Cassey's POP Pilates as their pilates format in all gyms across the United States. Isn't that neat!?


I don't know about you, but I love taking leisure walks with my honey. If you don't naturally walk fast, work on speeding up the pace or walking for longer distances. Since we have the pleasure of living right in our state capitol, we have a lovely, long pathway around "Capitol Lake", the body of water smack dab in the middle of our downtown. If you have a aesthetically pleasing or interesting backdrop for your walking (and you switch the location often), you're less likely to get bored. Or listen to an audio book!


This might not be something you considered before, and although it's not a full workout, it's a great substitution to standing still or sitting down. The next time you're in a texting conversation, start doing some squats, lunges or kegel exercises. Yes, you can workout and text!


This one involves the bedroom, ladies... Commit yourself to a hot and steamy love-making session, as opposed to laying there and letting your sweetie do all the work. Hey, no judgments - we all have our lazy days! ;) This is also an excuse to spice things up in the romance department.


I know you're not Penn, or Teller, but taking up juggling can increase your heart rate and tone your muscles. It can also help your mental agility. So, if you ever wanted to be a magician or a juggler: now's your shot!


Stationary bikes at the gym are just so boring, but what about one in your living room? Many people have found success by replacing their chairs or couch with a stationary bike. I know, you have to be super #FitFam for this, but simply removing the problem - the item that makes you stay lazy can be the answer to all of your prayers.


Cleaning comes in at a close third for my favorite method of exercise! I've always been a cleaning fanatic (don't ask me why). Getting out the bleach, duster, vacuum, glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, etc., etc. is a great way to get my body moving and it sure does cause you to work up a sweat.


I mean, who doesn't want to do something fun and active with their friends or family? Laser tag or paintball are great active hobbies (or once in a while treats). They'd even make a great date night! Google the closest locations near you... don't delay.

Did these ideas inspire you? What is your favorite way to workout?





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