When Facebook Calls, You Answer...


Thanks to a friend who passed along a once-in-a-lifetime event invite, I spent my morning at a beautifully organized networking event put on by our dearest Facebook (considered a "pop up event," with the theme: Boost Your Business)! I learned a lot about Facebook Ads and creating informative and meaningful Call-to-Action messages. Any chance to increase my knowledge of marketing is vital, and I treasure the opportunities. I believe that continuing education is the absolute best thing a career woman (or man) is able to do.

It was a sunny (but FREAKIN' COLD) morning with temperatures in the mid-40 degrees F.

As I entered the grand ballroom at the Landmark Convention Center in Tacoma, Wash., I was immediately drawn to the slick Facebook swag--pens, water bottle, sticker, you name it.

Naturally, your girl was the first to hit the Facebook bluecarpet and take a few snaps to soon after share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. *Might I add that I thought it was abnormal that I was literally the only attendee who Instagrammed (okay, so one other lady might've posted her picture) or tweeted (not to mention, live tweeted) about the event.

Facebook had its star speaker, Ciara Viehweg (a Small + Medium Business Team member) give the main presentation, then let a variety of local, successful small businesses discuss their experiences during a Q&A panel.

As tomorrow is Veterans Day, this event was largely in support of military vets launching their own business dreams. Congressman Derek Kilmer attended and spoke to this importance, also throwing in the idea that small biz aren't so much the backbone of our community, but our community's star running back... something like the Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch.

We learned all about the Tenino wine business, affordable home accents that aren't a pain to move (no matter how many times you need to move in a year), bringing active people together over tragedy to create something powerful and just about the coolest, combat boot/flip flop hybrid ever.

Overall, there were some important takeaways:

  • Facebook is where people that matter to you find the stories that matter to them.

  • 80% of all United States Facebook users are connected to a small business.

  • 20% of all time users spend on their mobile devices is using either Facebook or Instagram.

  • You may use Facebook Ads to: drive foot traffic, generate leads and increase brand awareness.

  • People check their Facebook newsfeed 14x per day.

  • There's no need to cram all your new services in one post--extend your content calendar.

  • Quality likes count more than quantity. Who is truly picking up what you're putting down?

  • Great content + strategic marketing = best results.

What are a few of your best social media advertising tips and tricks?

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