Introducing the Newest Addition to Fashionably Frank


Meet Emma Crane. A Northwest native who has a lot to offer this little Fashionably Frank community of ours. Emma is the very first permanent part-time writer that I've officially added to the Fashionably Frank team! Emma will be posting once a week (or every other week) and filling the void on topics I'm not the best at talking about, providing an important, unique take on things! Emma is always up for a good adventure, and is quite worldly in her travels. You might remember her post A First-Time International Traveler's Hacks to a Great Adventure post earlier this month.

She loves bows on everything and anything.

She fangirls hard over One Direction.

She has a fun and quirky sense of humor (and a bubbly fashion taste)!

She's a huge fan of Disney.

She adores her puppy more than anything.

She also has a hedgehog named Felix and a cat named Fat Louie.

She has celiac disease and has been gluten free for 3 years.

She enjoys crafting, sewing, cosplay and embroidery.

She's a Seattle lover originating from Vancouver, Wash.

She's a runner and has completed the Hood to Coast team relay 2 times.

She graduated from The Evergreen State College in 2013 (with a bow on her cap, of course)--the same college I will graduate from in June.

She's traveled internationally and even lived in London, England for almost a year and a half!

Emma and I met while working at the Olympia Charlotte Russe and share a common Evergreen friend, Chelsea (pictured above). Emma went on to work for Vancouver's Charlotte Russe as well.

I am so fortunate that Emma signed on to the crazy ride that is Fashionably Frank! Let the fun begin!