20 of the Best Feminine Stock Photo Sources


So, you're a blogger, but you don't know where to start to snag photos that will amp up your visual brand? Consider this your first stop! In order to craft an engaging and beautiful bog, you need stock images. If you're a lifestyle, femme blogger like myself and Emma, you'll love gloriously feminine images that convey your brand!

Today, I'm sharing our secrets (and the best stock photo sites) that are bound to make your life and blogging career just that much easier.

As opposed to supporting corporations and widely used stock photo sites that are quite honestly cheesy, fake and not at all in line with our brand, we choose to stand by smaller styled stock creators and small photographers that spend hours of their days perfecting their craft (and not with a green screen!).

The first thing you need to know is the definition of a CC0 photo. CC0 stands for Creative Commons Zero, which means that the photographer relinquished rights to their photo, allowing people to use their photos for both commercial and personal use (these are often free for use and available to users without paying a penny). Then, there are photos with varying rights that stylers and photographers have given for use at a cost.

All of the ones I've compiled here are FREE of charge, no strings attached. Some are download immediately, a few others are mailing list sign-ups, but all so, so worth it!

1. picjumbo

2. stock.tookapic

3. Pexels

4. Wonderfelle

5. Creative Vix

6. fancycrave

7. FoodiesFeed

8. Magdeleine.co

9. getrefe

10. SplitShire

11. Epicantus

12. Studio Bicyclette

13. jay mantri

14. Life of Pix

15. MMT Stock

16. Kaboompics

17. Barn Images

18. Negative Space

19. Turquoise & Palm

20. Ivorymix

We hope these help with your creativity and your new, beautiful blog!

UPDATE Feb. 2017:
Two more we forgot to include! BONUS! ;) StockSnap.io and Unsplash.

Aaand... one more from the comments! Good Free Photos.

UPDATE April 2018:
Canva, only THE BEST free photo editing and designing software has a fabulous FREE stock photo resource, too! Just click here!

Do you have a favorite? Comment below!