Who Am I? (I Ask That Everyday...)


Here's to another chance at introducing myself! I began my blogging journey back in late 2008, and devotionally pursued it from 2010-present on a previous site. I wanted to start fresh, and with many creative ideas bubbling in my mind of what this blog could inspire, I am excited to do so.

I was first recognized on the Internet as a montager--someone who mixes video clips or photos to create a compilation matched to a musical composition. In my case, this was within the genre of figure skating montages on YouTube.com. I was touched by the story of Ekaterina Gordeeva, a Russian Olympic champion who lost her late husband, Sergei very early on in life. My admiration and respect for Ekaterina (or "Katia") transcended throughout my video pieces, and resonated with viewers. By the end of my run (2007-2012), I had been one of the 12 individuals subscribed to by the official Stars On Ice channel (the iconic American figure skating tour created by Scott Hamilton, with which Katia and Sergei had toured with multiple times/headlined).

Not only did montaging bring me a sliver of appreciated recognition in the YouTube world, it was also a format I could utilize to express my emotions and interpret music sentimentally, creating my own message to share with the world. I made various friends that I still communicate with regularly--their geography ranges from Malaysia to Belgium, all the way to Australia and on to Brazil. I've connected with those of all ages: from 70 to 12. This unique upbringing in the 21st Century--the century of technology and the World Wide Web caused me to recognize the differences between cultures and generations, as well as the importance of understanding fellow human beings' pursuits of happiness.

Seeing the kinds of struggles and triumphs my international friends dealt with on a daily basis helped me to cope with my own in my hometown of Olympia, Washington in the U.S, and develop an even greater interest in the human condition. By college, this led me into the studies of psychology and sociology, with a focus in history and literature--diving into the worlds of people and characters who have lived vastly different lives from my own. Granted, I had also grown up with anxiety disorders, which has definitely contributed to my passion for psychology and counseling.

Admittedly, one of the largest flaws I have held throughout my 19 years on this earth is the lacking ability to entirely accept other modes of living that differ from my own--whether this is in the form of moral and beliefs, or preferences in music and films (mainly the first two, but you'll still have me stumped if your favorite movie genre includes slasher horrors). Now, I don't mean to imply that I think I should accept others' possibly detrimental views such as homophobia or racism, but the bigger picture within politics and religion, and the power humans have to choose their individual paths--not always together, and often apart.

This is where it gets tricky. How can we separate concepts like homophobia and racism from religion and politics? I ask myself this complex question daily throughout my work with liberal activism (specifically with the gay/trans and multi-racial communities). My constant strides to greater connect with God and my sense of faith have put a lot of issues into perspective for me, and have been greater encouragement to fight for what I believe is right. Various experiences of exposure to different pursuits of the mind and soul have forced me to take the aforementioned opposing beliefs with the benefit of the doubt whenever I meet my own mental opposition.

Overall, I am hopeful that this site can become a journal for me to share (and possibly relate to my readers) my journey and grow through questioning--questioning how I can better improve myself, the impact I am making in my world, and how I relate to others. Don't worry--there will be fun posts, too... oh, and a little bit of fashion...

Until next time, xoxo Kathryn