The Ultimate Flight Must Have Items

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As a flight attendant, flying has become an every day activity for me. But for most people, it's a rarity and a special occasion! With all of the restrictions for carry-on sizes and liquids, it's hard to be properly prepared for the flight ahead. However, there are some flight must have items you can consider.

At 35,000 feet, your body goes through some crazy things. Dull taste buds, dry skin and fatigue often all come with air travel. It can be an overwhelming experience that can really mess you up!


Ginger Mints

I buy organic ginger mints. These really do the trick, not only for bad breath, but also for some tummy-turning turbulence to calm your belly down!

Hand Lotion

Many brands of lotion sell travel sizes. Your body dries up at altitude and cracked skin is no fun. Keep that skin hydrated and good to go!

An Empty Water Bottle

The biggest mistake I observe is people that don't bring water with them on a flight. Don't rely on the tiny cups that flight attendants will give you! Bring your water bottle and fill it up from a drinking fountain - most airports have these.

Flight Must Have Items

An Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

I forget these every time! Block out the rest of the plane and get some good sleep with a mask and some ear plugs! 

A Good Carry On Bag

You want something heavy duty that can fit a lot without taking up too much space! I like a smaller backpack that has a lot of compartments.

Chapstick/Lip Balm

I stick to Burt's Bees - it has saved me on a few flights when I got really dry! Try to find something really deep-conditioning. The LUSH lip scrubs also work wonders and leave my lips feeling refreshed and exfoliated.

Hair Ties

Bring a few just in case. I personally relax better with my hair out of my way!


If you have a long flight, maybe consider bringing some thick socks or slippers. Let your feet breathe without crossing everyone out! ;)

A Jacket

Even if you're going on a tropical vacation, don't rely on the plane to have blankets because they probably won't. It's the biggest rookie mistake I always see. The chilliest part of your adventure will be the plane, so be prepared for it!


What do you like to keep for your plane adventures?

Flight Must Have Items



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