Why You Should Just Blog (and Forget the Analytics for a Minute)

Real talk, guys. Grab a cup of tea and brace yourselves for the heart-to-heart that's about to go down. Let's chit-chat about blogging and why this form of expression is so dear to me. I started my very first lifestyle blog "Bridgette's Diary" a good near-decade ago. This was when blogging was just getting interesting, web design was vastly improving and Karen Cheng was one of my few bloggess role models (I even tried to crop my photos just like hers!).

I LOOOOOVED blogging. My blog transitioned from "Bridgette's Diary" to "Unstoppable Katya", finally landing where it is today (after a few other failed blog names) in this warm, cozy home of "Fashionably Frank". Along with creative montaging, I pretty much wrote for these blogs every waking hour.

And, consequently: it got to a point where I just hated the act of preparing another blog post. I was drained, uninspired and bored. So, I reworked the format, and during this rebranding process, I feel as though I lost a lot of the magic that made my other blogs so great.

I have consistently let myself get caught up in the numbers. How many people viewed today, how long they stayed, which articles are getting the most views, how many RTs, how many shares, how many likes, how many this, how many that. I've obsessed over the quality of photos on the blog, and worried about how I measured up to my counterparts.

English was always my best subject in school, and I never struggled with putting sentences together. However, I've always been aware that I'm not the most creative writer... and I'm tellin' ya, some of these bloggers have their storytelling shit together! On any given day, my bio can read: "I'm a social media marketing professional and blogger," and Ree Drummond is over here like: "I'm a desperate housewife. I live in the country. I channel Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh, and Ethel Merman."

I should just give up all together!

I've blogged religiously for two years and just recently started picking up the traffic that I truly believe I should've logically been receiving for a long time now. Blogging is HARD WORK, and it's never gonna get any easier.

It would be wrong of me as a social media professional to claim that numbers and other stats don't matter--because they do. However, I'm a big proponent of organic engagement and I would rather have quality likes over quantity. Sometimes it is necessary to detach from the hype of popularity and reconnect with why you began blogging in the first place.

Do you blog to touch others' lives? To educate them on your niche? Do you blog to inspire yourself and keep track of where you acquire your inspiration? To keep a diary of your life throughout the years? In any case, this is the root of your blog, and what you might call "the honeymoon stage".

Keep promoting your posts on social media, and keep shouting your passion from the rooftops--but stop to recognize why you blog, what the motivation behind your content is and in what fashion you should continue blogging after you pull yourself out of this rut.

On certain days, when I have a lower than average view count or the blog post that I most deeply loved and poured my soul into gets the least amount of engagement, I have to remind myself of my roots. I also remind myself: those who love my message and appreciate what I have to offer are always going to return, time and time again. These peeps are my tribe, my beloved, loyal readers. And I couldn't continue without them--few or plenty.

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Why You Should Just Blog (and Forget Analytics)
Why You Should Just Blog (and Forget Analytics)

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