2018 Calendar Planner Stock Photos (FREE STOCK PHOTOS PACK!)

FREE Stock Photos

2 new packs of FREE stock photos are coming your way this month!
Today's pack includes some really cute workspace items that we can't wait to share with you. Simply sign up to our newsletter to get access to the pack, along with 8 other packs and downloadable worksheets & printables!

The current FREE stock photos pack released today includes:

  • 2018 calendar planners (both in black and paper/gold)

  • Mini succulents in pots

  • Paper binder clips in black & white prints

  • Gold paper clips shaped like pineapples and hashtags

  • Two Moscow Mule-themed mugs (one rose gold and one silver) on wood/marble coaster

  • Two bigger succulent/plants
    ... all on super adorable faux marble backdrop.

If you do decide to use this pack, leave us a comment (or shoot us an email at hello[at]fashionablyfrank[dot]com), OR please link us to where you are using it so we can see and appreciate your lovely work! :)

Of course, there's no need to credit us - this is our gift to you! We simply ask that you not explicitly claim the photos as your own creation, reuse them as a freebie of your own or sell them! This is strictly prohibited.

The next pack coming later in the month (August 29, to be exact!) is all about message light boxes with inspirational quotes and emojis for all your Instagram/blog fun - stay tuned! :)

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FREE Stock Photos


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