Gay Marriage Legalized in America!


On Friday, gay marriage became legal across the nation of the United States of America. All 50 states will now recognize, as well as issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. All day, I was jumping for joy and processing the news as best I knew how. At first, the feeling was similar to the shock you experience when someone close to you dies--you just can't believe it. Is this real life!? This historic moment gave all individuals (some famous) the chance to state their beliefs, in blog posts, Twitter shoutouts and personal declarations. Consequently, I learned a LOT about my friends, family, acquaintances and the celebrities I follow.

Slowly, America had been legalizing gay marriage on an individual state-by-state basis, but those of us within the movement (and also those opposed to it) thought it would take a considerable amount of time for us to reach full inclusion of this law, and maybe not even in our lifetime. Once the fight was taken to the Supreme Court (SCOTUS), we knew something huge was about to happen.

Included in my later discoveries was the realization that some of my friends who vocally support the LGBTQ community were not too thrilled or phased by this turn of events. Many radical liberals who argue for LGBTQ rights forget the initial fight for freedom that gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals spearheaded for decades ever since the Stonewall riots.

Some people argue that this advancement is not an advancement for trans people, nor does it really matter for the LGBTQ community. Really? No matter what legal gender trans individuals might hold, they are now allowed to marry whoever they want with whatever gender they identify. Gay marriage IS trans marriage. It is the sentiment of equal opportunity of marriage given to everyone with any gender or sexuality.

Disregarding the progress our community has made when you are part of the community is biting the hand that fed you. Your elders, the wise sages of the LGBTQ rights movement made this moment in time possible. Yes, we still have hundreds of trans women of color being senselessly murdered, and LGBTQ people are (still) not warmly welcomed in many places, but let's pause. Appreciate the progress our country made this week. Now let's press forward with the work still to be done.

Congratulations, America and my fellow LGBTQ family. Freedom is here!

Take a note from our history books: love always wins.

"We've got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn't matter with me now, because I've been to the mountaintop. I'm not worried about anything, I'm not fearing any man! Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!" -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.