Get Outdoors!

You guys: I've found my "thing"! For the past week, I've been actively working towards leading a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. With Jared as my trusty sidekick, I've been going on hour-long walks and bike rides around town every morning, in addition to our gross-tasting, but protein powder-filled berry shakes.

Olympia's Capitol Lake / Heritage Park area has a beautiful, large climbable hill by the Capitol Building. The above photo shows the view overlooking the lake from the top. I hate the bees, but it's worth it for the sweat.

In addition to daily walks, we've indulged in mid-morning bike rides along the Chehalis Western Trail. I pair my exercise with a healthy salad topped with some sort of protein (tuna, salmon--whatever I'm feeling that day) and tooonnnnss of veggies!

Bike rides on the trail create a sanctuary for us. We leave our phones, rid ourselves of all distractions and just ride. I'm not gonna lie: the incline hurts at first. But you push through and feel refreshed.

I've cut out all junk (except for the occasional flax muffin and tortilla chips) from my diet, including  the few gluten-filled teases. My nutritionist said she could tell I was "puffing up," and that none of the weight I had gained back in the past month had been body fat; it's all just water retention from ingesting something that's causing inflammation. I guess those VooDoo doughnuts weren't the best idea after all.

I'm always seeking healthy, paleo recipes and workout ideas. Send me your favorites in the comments!

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