The Ultimate Girlboss Tips for Dating

Girlboss Tips for Dating

In my circle of friends I’ve never been known to be the one with the smoothest dating life. I’m 24 years old and making plenty of dating “don’ts” as my friends slowly one by one trickle into marriage, kids and all of that crazy adulthood that I can’t even fathom. Being the resident spinster, I’ve learned a lot about myself, dating and what it means to have a relationship not only with someone else but also yourself. Here's my favorite girlboss tips for dating. Remember: you are the owner of your own body and never do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

Get Offline!

If you online date, be sure to bring it to the real world sooner rather than later. Connect in person as soon as you can! When payment for the meal comes around, do what feels right! On the first date, I always go by who asked for the date. I’ve paid for coffee for people that I’ve asked out, I’ve had meals paid for for me and I’ve also gone Dutch on dates. It’s hard to figure out which is appropriate, but do what feels best for you! There’s 2 equal parties in each relationship. 

Learn to have an intimate relationship with yourself while you’re with the other person.

Continue to date yourself even when you’re in a relationship! Make yourself happy, have solo dates and do you, boo! Learning to love both yourself and someone else is a powerful and healthy thing. You can text first (and double-text!). I’ve always been a big believer in expressing myself. If you suppress what you want to say, you’re not being 100% genuine in the relationship.

If you want to talk, initiate!

Don’t be scared, show you’re interested!

No ghosting!

Be honest if you’re just not feeling things anymore. Don’t put yourself in the position to ghost someone. For those who don’t know, ghosting is when you suddenly cut off communication with another person. If you’ve been ghosted before, you know it sucks. Just don’t do it!


What are your favorite little tips you've gained from the wacky world of millennial dating?

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Girlboss Tips for Dating




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