The Ingredients of a Perfect Girls' Night

I treasure girls' nights. I'm a social butterfly and I adore socializing frequently. However, I rarely have an entire night set aside to a girlfriend. Brittney and I had the best time!

First things first: you gotta have your favorite snacks. Lindt chocolate truffles, fresh fruit and chocolate sauce for fondue, cheese and crackers, as well as your favorite bottle of wine (or two)! I chose a white wine with huckleberry juice undertones in addition to a good ol' red moscato.

Then, pick your favorite place to eat. Somewhere relatively healthy--that way you can splurge on the dessert you have planned for later! I introduced Brittney to Hart's Mesa on the westside of Olympia.

After cozying in at home, we lit one of my favorite candles from Bath & Body Works: Instanbul - Sparkling Amber. Anything with amber gives me life! Then, we cracked out the nail polish for manicures. You should have lots of cozy blankets, pillows and a large table where you can display your snack station.

Laughter is the best part of girlfriend bonding sessions! Brittney started laughing so hard that she needed to re-apply her deodorant. I personally had never witnessed someone do this before, but she claims this is also a must-have for girls' nights. "You never know when things are gonna get a little sweaty!"

What are your essentials for girls' nights?

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