Banana Boat Gluten-Free S'mores Alternative


Calling all gluten-free lovers! I heard your prayers and they've been answered. Just kidding. I'm no genius, but this recipe was my serious obsession over the summer during camping when I was looking for a gluten-free s'mores alternative. I give full credit to my best girlfriend Emily for the recipe! She's the best.

What You'll Need:

  • A bag of marshmallows

  • Bananas (whole, raw)

  • Chocolate chips of your choosing

  • Tin foil Reynolds Wrap

  • A knife

  • A campfire!


1. Start by taking one whole banana and using a knife, make a slit down the middle, making sure to cut through the middle of the inner fruit as well as the skin (seen in the photo above).

2. Then, move the inner fruit to the sides of the skin (keeping the skin on the banana) to allow room for stuffing (think of it like a Thanksgiving turkey!).

3. Now, start stuffing your banana with marshmallows. About 3 is a good fit for a giant banana.

4. Now it's time for the chips! Add as many chocolate chips as you can fit in and still keep your fruit comfy :)

5. After you fit your chips and 'mellows comfortably, it's time to wrap it up! Grab a chunk of tin foil (also great to lay down when building the boats, as you can see in the photos here) and make sure you completely cover the fruit, wrapping it tightly.

6. Now, it's time to grill your banana boat over the fire! This is when it gets REAL. Your banana will begin to warm, melting the chocolate and marshmallows to gooey, creamy goodness.

Simply placing these tin foil bananas amongst the fire will cook them quickly - but be sure they don't catch fire! As you can see, we had a mini mishap with the banana boat closest in the frame of the photo above.

Now, unwrap your banana boat beauty and ENJOY! Grab a fork or spoon and take bites of the banana, marshmallow and chocolate mixture. It should look something like the photo above.

In my opinion, these taste way better than s'mores and are a healthier alternative to the extra carbs (and gluten) in graham crackers.

Did you try this recipe? What'd you think!? Leave it in the comments!



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