5 Snacks You Wouldn't Believe Are Gluten Free

I stopped eating gluten a few years ago upon the discovery that I had Celiac Disease. It was really hard at first getting used to my new diet, and having really strong cravings! I love my special GF cookies and other treats, but they can be an expensive alternative to "regular food" and sometimes hard to find. Through the years, I've found my survival foods that can be purchased just about everywhere!

I have gotten really good at reading the labels, and it comes as first instinct. You should always check before you buy, just in case the recipe changed. I've compiled a list of my Netflix junk food choices, here's 5 snacks you wouldn't believe are gluten free!

Cheetos: These have always been my go to snack, and I was so surprised to learn that they were GF! Frito Lay makes plenty of Gluten Free products, I also love Fritos!

Popcorn I get asked about this one all the time surprisingly. Popcorn is gluten free, considering that the only ingredient is corn. Just be vigilant in situations like in movie theater consessions where they might be handling other foods at the same time.

Butterfinger This is something I had to look up, Butterfinger bars are actually GF! When buying any other of the Butterfinger hybrids, just make sure to double check. My favorite GF Butterfinger are the new Butterfinger Reeses cups!

Macarons Double check the ingredients, but in most cases these delectable french sweets are made with only ground almonds, egg whites, powdered sugar and white sugar.

Tortilla Chips My favorite snack of tortilla chips are generally made from corn and oh-so-delicious! *I would be careful with packaged guac because some recipes use gluten.

If you're going free of gluten, I hope this post helps your cravings!

5 snacks you wouldnt believe are gluten free
5 snacks you wouldnt believe are gluten free