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Go-getter ladies are my favorite kind of ladies! I like to consider myself a lady with entrepreneurial spirit, and I use the hashtag #girlboss far too much (I even snoop it to find new and exciting ladies to follow on Twitter and Instagram). This blog post is covering the best #girlbosses--the go-getter ladies to watch out for! Beginning my very first hashtag #ffgirlboss, I was able to connect with entrepreneur/blogger ladies who sent me their work, as well as receive nominations of ladies from their loyal followers. Each woman featured here has their own remarkable story, their own generational experiences and their own passion that they put their heart and soul into. I've since fallen in love with them all!

Let's dive right in!

Caitlyn Nunnery of Practically Preppy

A self-proclaimed J. Crew lover that's strong in her faith, this fashionista will surely take over the fashion blogging world in due time. At the age of 17, Caitlyn Nunnery has a lot of success ahead of her. You can read her blog, then tweet at her here.

Claire of The Aware Beauty

An up-and-coming YouTuber on the beauty guru scene, Claire takes a unique approach to the definition of "beautiful," encouraging other ladies to use only high quality, cruelty-free products in order to cultivate a respectful lifestyle. With over 1,000 subscribers, Claire is on the high road to becoming a YouTube hit with her do-good attitude. Check out her videos, then tweet at her.

Alexis Grippi of AMG Fashions

Breaking onto the fashion blogging scene, Alexis M. Grippi of AMG Fashions has a keen eye for putting outfits together and a natural love for fashion. "Fashion is all around us," she says, proudly proclaiming her love of style. She's the first to let her readers in to great deals as well as outfit tips, always a trusted source. You can read her blog, then tweet at her.

Kim Headlee of The Maze of Twisty Passages

An accomplished author and screenwriter, Kim Iverson Headlee has published a variety of fantasy novels with thrilling and entertaining characters, plots and messages. Currently appearing at a variety of conventions, don't miss out on your chance to see this lady's masterwork! Read her blog, then tweet at her.

Andrea Scher of Superhero Life with Andrea Scher

"No capes. Just courage." is the motto of Andrea Scher--artist, photographer, life coach and mentor who writes at "Superhero Life with Andrea Scher". Andrea is the definition of #girlpower, declaring: "To me, a Superhero is someone who invites her wisest, bravest, most alive self to come out and play, every day. This doesn’t mean having all the answers, being unshakably strong, or performing dramatic feats of heroism." Andrea captured my attention in 30 seconds; she'll capture yours, too. Read her blog, then tweet at her.

Erin Prewitt of Portrait of Forgiveness

After losing her beloved husband Chris, this remarkable lady chose to live her life with strength, stating: "There is nothing that can happen in life that cannot be forgiven." Now a speaker, trainer and consultant (featured in Huffington Post), Erin is leading by example and encouraging others to rise from tragedy with a sense of hope. Read her blog, then tweet at her.

Harmony Connell of Semi Poor and Somewhat Thriving

With a brand new lifestyle blog just launched this past week, world traveler Harmony Connell shares her unique experience of college living and taking chances that will enhance your career. Blogging about everything from cooking to beauty faves, I cannot wait to see what's next. Read her blog here.

Judith Duval

A Latina who immigrated to the United States in junior high, Judith went through a variety of overwhelming emotions after leaving her home in the Dominican Republic--some bad, some good. Combining her business and coaching backgrounds to begin a mission of bringing wellness to those who surround her, she has a lot to offer. Check her out here, then tweet at her.

Did you like this recap of powerful, on-the-rise #girlbosses? Please continue to send me your favorite entrepreneur/blogger ladies using the hashtag #ffgirlboss on Twitter or comment suggestions down below!

Go-Getter Ladies to Watch Out For
Go-Getter Ladies to Watch Out For

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