10 Reasons I'm Grateful Today

10 Reasons to Be Grateful
10 Reasons to Be Grateful

In spirit of this week's earlier post, 10 Ways to Get More Grateful, I figured I'd share 10 reasons why I'm feeling grateful today.

1. I'm grateful for my innocence (and believed innocence). After binge-watching both Making a Murderer and The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, I'm consistently reminded of my privilege and I'm overwhelmed with a sense of gratefulness for my innocence (and most importantly: believed innocence) and the ability I have to live life as a free citizen.

2. I'm grateful for coffee. Coffee is life--it just makes everything better! I'm able to function with coffee, especially during these busy days. I cannot wait for this quarter to come to an end - not because I wish for my educational pursuits to end, but because I can't function in a healthy manner at the rate I'm going, and I can tell I'm overdoing it. I'm grateful for the peace of mind that will be arriving shortly.

3. I'm grateful for family. Being able to drive two blocks away to visit my folks is a true blessing, and I feel very fortunate to have their constant advice and listening ear. This close vicinity that I'm in with my family is great--and I acknowledge that not everyone has that at age 21.

4. I'm grateful for education. Even though I had to give a scary speech this past week, I'm glad I'm in a position where I can give a speech and learn, as opposed to not having the opportunity to gain an education and test myself against my fears (I'll be writing a post next month regarding how to ace your class speech - yay!).

5. I'm grateful for technology (I bet you could spot this one coming a mile away). The ability I have to connect with my audience on such a candid and meaningful level over the Internet is astounding. I've met some of my best friends online who I still communicate with 8 years later, and I've received various hobby and career opportunities through the World Wide Web. I'm not sure quite what my life would be without this level of connection, and I feel gratitude each day for growing up in a developed country that allows me to utilize it.

6. I'm grateful for politics. This one might have you stumped, I know--our American political system has become such a spectator sport these days, but I truly do feel grateful for our ability to express our opinion with free speech and the means I have to advocate on behalf of causes I believe in. I always feel a sense of overwhelming gratitude to the POC and women who worked so damn hard to acquire our right to vote in this generation, and I never take that for granted by ignoring a ballot.

7. I'm grateful for food. In line with coffee, food is my other one true love! I know I don't need as much food as I'm so fortunate to have bestowed upon me, and this makes me even more grateful for the fact I have any. I try to truly enjoy each meal and recognize that not everyone is as fortunate.

8. I'm grateful for friends. My friends are seriously the coolest. Even though many of my friends aren't here in Olympia, Wash. with me, I still get to Skype or FaceTime with them often, which also falls into the tech category, I suppose. Having such solid friendships with the kindest souls ever is something I will be ever grateful for.

9. I'm grateful for my sweetie. Jared is my rock - he's the only thing that keeps me sane with my hectic schedule and a million things attempting to be accomplished. He leads me to take a deep breath and gives me feedback as to my current course on an idea or activity. To have a consistent calming force in my life is so wonderful.

10. I'm grateful for mobility. I'm so, so lucky to be able to walk, run, dance, etc. I think I take all my physical senses for granted far too often, and I absolutely shouldn't. All of us able-bodied people think it's normal to have full physical ability, but we often forget those who do not have it, and the fact that in the end: we really are so lucky.

Enough about me! What are you grateful for today? Share in the comments!

10 Reasons to Be Grateful
10 Reasons to Be Grateful