7 Greatest Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

Struggling to strengthen your Instagram game? I feel it! I've gone through photo editing apps like they're the latest Vine trend. Today, I'm sharing the greatest photo editing apps for Instagram that I use on a regular basis (ranked by most favorite to least favorite).

All of these apps are free, unless you'd like to unlock and upgrade to access more filters or features. I've upgraded and unlocked on both VSCO Cam and A Color Story and don't regret it!

Image Credit:  Love Taza

Image Credit: Love Taza

vsco cam

With 100+ presets and growing, plus advanced tools for photo editing, VSCO Cam is my number one sidekick when it comes to editing Instagram photos! A popular favorite among Instagram stars and bloggers, this app has slick, gorgeous filters that are to-die-for. Unique among other apps, VSCO Cam has its own community within the app where you can share your work and learn from others.

Image Credit:  A Beautiful Mess

Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

a color story

A Color Story is my second favorite photo editing application, focusing on color pops and bright whites, rather than forcing its users into a moody theme. To name a few, the app has over 100 filters, 40 movable effects, 20 free tools, plus the ability to save your editing steps into custom filters that you use often. A Color Story is a gem!

Image Credit:  Wired

Image Credit: Wired


Before Instagram allowed users to upload their images in full size format (and was limited to just square-sized images), Whitagram was the leading app that helped people add a white border on their images (both landscape and portrait), showing the full sized image. These days, Whitagram allows a unique border look, in addition to stickers and fun design features.

Image Credit:  Amanda Mabel

Image Credit: Amanda Mabel


With adjustment tools, filters, textures, cropping and transformation tools and frames, Afterlight is a quick and straight-forward editing app, great for newbies who want to try their hand at editing but don't want anything too complicated. It was the first app I started on and still use it to rotate photos and add special tweaks!

Image Credit:  Digital Nomads Edu

Image Credit: Digital Nomads Edu


Moldiv is a professional photo editor that encourages creations by both new and seasoned photographers. Their Frame, Collage and Magazine features allow for gorgeous and creative storytelling, and their Beauty Camera that inspires naturally beautiful selfies, you'll find almost everything you need in Moldiv.

Image Credit:  Jamie Lynn

Image Credit: Jamie Lynn

studio design

I don't consider myself "a creative person", but with Studio Design, I can be! Encouraged by this app, I am able to add special touches to the images that I feel are too dull and boring. There's plenty filters, in addition to thousands of shapes, crops and fonts - plus, you can see others' designs to get some inspiration! 

Image Credit:  ANAKJAJAN

Image Credit: ANAKJAJAN


More than 24 tools and filters, precise control and the ability to open both JPEG and RAW image formats set Snapseed apart. Snapseed is a leading photography application used by both seasoned pros and casual Instagrammers. Start with a simple edit or totally transform!


What's your favorite photo editing app for Instagram or in general!?



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