The Single Biggest Trick to Growing Your Instagram Following Organically

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So, you wanna grow your Instagram organically. Seriously: who doesn't!? You don't want to do it sneakily using follow/unfollow bots and buying fake followers, OF COURSE! I'm all for automation tools (and I've been known to use a few), but I'm not about that follow-them-so-they'll-follow-me-then-unfollow-them-so-my-numbers-look-nice game. It's all about organic growth, targeting people through meaningful hashtags where your customers/clientele are likely to be.

Want in on the secret for growing your Instagram following organically? It's called the 6x1x1.

Go into your account and research hashtags that are relevant to your niche. Then, dive into those hashtags and see what those people are sharing, staying on track and only targeting people who will genuinely connect with you and/or your brand. For example, I'd search #makersgonnamake, #smallbiz, etc. to target those who may want my marketing services for their blossoming businesses - they're also likely to be female creatives. You'll begin engaging by quickly liking 6 of their photos, commenting on 1, then following their profile. This grabs their attention by allowing you to reserve an entire block in their notification list.

BUT: be sure you don't comment things like "Dope", "Nice", "Awesome" or random strings of emojis - this isn't friendly and is considered spam in itself. I always leave a genuine comment, "Wow - I love this color on you! Totally agree with the sentiment of your words and this dress is gorgeous." Or, "You've got this! I also struggle with ___ and I completely get where you're at. Thanks for letting us in ❤️." By leaving a genuine, heartfelt comment that you do actually mean, these individuals are much more likely to return the favor.

Do this about 15 minutes each day and I promise: you will see a steady increase in your followers. Be sure you switch up your hashtag usage and that will encourage consistent new growth while tapping into different groups of people, still centered around your ideal client profile.


How do you grow and engage your following on Instagram? Did this technique work for ya?

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Growing Your Instagram Following Organically




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