52 Lists Project (#52ListsProject): Happiest Moments of Life So Far

Happiest Moments of My Life

This week's #52ListsProject prompt is "Happiest Moments of Life So Far". When I look back on my short 23 years thus far, I'm floored by how much can happen in two decades! I am SO excited for the next round. When are you happiest?

  • Getting adopted at 6 weeks old to a loving family who wants what's best for me.
  • Meeting all of my romantic partners who I've spent years with, regardless if it worked or not.
  • Meeting my first love in an online chatroom at age 13, a man I will absolutely never let go of.
  • Finding Jared, the love of my life and the partner I've shared for the last almost 5 years.
  • Celebrating 23 years on this earth last year.
  • Every trip to Lincoln City, Oregon to visit my mom's mom before she passed. Eating at the local seafood spot. Salmon on bagels with cream cheese. Windy days at the beach.
  • Connecting with fellow girlbosses like my dear friend Olivia who formed a local entrepreneur group with me.
  • Launching my business and leaving my stuffy desk job.
  • Learning from all of my marvelous mentors who have made me into the person I am today.
  • Returning to public schooling in high school after three years of homeschooling and horrible bouts of bullying.
  • Becoming a stronger me thanks to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that changed my life.
  • Moving out of my folks' house into my very own apartment a few years ago.
  • Meeting the new member of my business team, Kayla and learning all about how to co-work on projects.
  • Graduating from The Evergreen State College with my bachelor's degree.
  • Being accepted for identifying as LGBTQ by my parents and friends, finding family in my activism endeavors.
  • Serving 6 years on the Board of Directors of a local nonprofit dealing with LGBTQ equality matters.
  • Getting hired into retail fresh out of high school, and while it was an awful job/boss, I met amazing people like Emma.
  • Teaming up with my new-found friend Emma to write this blog, Fashionably Frank!
  • Discovering my lovely photographer friend, Sydney who would document my life for years to come, little did I know. Later meeting her wife Catherine and their two adorable kids, Q and Jack who would quickly become like family.
  • Getting the opportunity to write posts like these every day, touching even just a few lives.


What does your list include?

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Happiest Moments of Life So Far




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