Hart's Mesa in Olympia, Wash.

Hart's Mesa is nestled in Olympia's Westside inside an iconic diner space that has cycled through different owners and cuisines like they're going out of style! Right next to the Olympia Food Co-Op, it's the perfect spot to grab breakfast or lunch before doing your grocery shopping.

Also a hotspot for dinner, Hart's Mesa stays open late until 10 p.m. Fridays & Saturdays. The menu changes with the clock, never failing to offer delicious dishes that delight your taste buds.

Beautiful artwork lines the walls, creating an authentic Mexico-inspired setting.

When you choose your meal of choice, you also select which meat/seafood or vegetable, etc. option you would prefer, easing your ability of meal customization.

During my second visit, I ordered the Ensaladas (salad) dish with their uniquely spiced tofu (it's delicious, by the way). The flavors of the rich seasoning, sweet peppers, fresh avocado and pico de gallo glazing a bed of lettuce and rice compliments wonderfully.

When I first ate here, I ordered the Huevos Rancheros dish with eggs scrambled and sautéed veggies. I wasn't the biggest fan of the corn tortillas and flavor of the eggs and veggies combined, but I'm sure that's due to my affinity for flour tortillas (it's the gluten-driven rage in me from recently switching over to a gluten-free diet) and my weird combination choice.

Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with their breakfast/lunch Ensaladas dish.

Jared ordered the Enchiladas, which he whole-heartedly enjoyed. *One extra thing I love about Hart's Mesa is their presentation of the dishes. Always laid out artfully on the plate (or bowl), they excite their patrons about the flavors they are going to experience.

This restaurant gem is exactly what Olympia needed. I feel many Olympia residents can relate: there's barely anywhere to go for quality food that we haven't ate at 100x before. We'll definitely be back time and time again to this hotspot!

Hart's Mesa
903 Rogers St. NW Olympia, WA 98502

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