2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Dog

Our furry friends are just as important as our human friends, right? This holiday season, opt for one of these adorable, natural and dog-friendly gifts to stuff their stocking!

1. Dr. Seuss Grinch Plush Rope Toy @ PETCO ($9.99)

Give your dog some Grinchy green fun this holiday. Featuring rope toy arms and legs for tug-o-war, plush squeaky belly for happy noise-making and snuggly material made for cuddling.

2. Harajuku Lovers Kawaii Donut Plush Squeaky Toy @ PETCO ($6.99)

Show your love with this emoji donut. Every time your pup squeaks is another squeak of love! Watch the love bloom as they snuggle up with this soft plush toy.

3. Holiday Tennis Ball with Rope Toy @ PETCO ($7.99)

Ideal for toss and fetch games, this holiday tennis ball on rope supports your dog's natural chewing needs and makes for a great game of tug-of-war!

4. "Just a Little Nice" Bone Plush Toy @ PETCO ($3.99)

Similar to the tennis ball with rope, this fun holiday-themed plush toy supports your dog's natural chewing needs and is ideal for toss and fetch.

5. Natural "Health" Dog Treats from Isle of Dogs @ PETCO ($7.99)

Wheat and gluten-free "Health" dog treats featuring a delicious blend of antioxidant-rich organic blueberries, organic sweet potatoes and nutritious whole grains to help your dog maintain overall health and wellness.

6. Natural "Chillout" Dog Treats from Isle of Dogs @ PETCO ($6.99)

Wheat and gluten-free "Chillout" dog treats formulated with a nutritious combination of organic apples, organic carrots, flaxseed, and whole rolled oats. Also added into this mix of whole food-based ingredients is a lovely blend of high quality gourmet flavorings - lavender, lemon balm and French vanilla.

7. Harmony Elevated Double Diner Feeder @ PETCO ($29.99)

Perfect for larger dogs, this feeder features a sleek black design to go with any household decor. This diner lifts the feeding bowls off the ground to allow for a more comfortable eating position for your special family member.

8. Petite Brown Le Bistro Gravity Feeder @ PETCO ($17.99)

The base of this feeder features Microban antimicrobial product protection which helps keep your pet's bowl cleaner for longer! Assure your pet always has plenty of food whether you're home or away. This gravity feeding style feeder is made of easy to clean, durable plastic with a clear chamber so that you can monitor the food level at a glance. 9. Doggie Fountain ($86)

Keep your dog safe and refreshed in hot weather. The "Original" Doggie Fountain keeps fresh, clean water in front of your pet at all times. Your pup will never go thirsty again!

10. Thundershirt Anxiety Vest ($39.95)

Does your pup suffer from anxiety in harsh weather, or July 4th's Independence Day firework celebrations? Perhaps it's sad when you leave the house? Choose to pick up a Thundershirt anxiety vest for your furry friend. Studied by Dr. Temple Grandin and others, Thundershirt applies gentle, constant pressure, similar to swaddling an infant.

What are your favorite gifts for furry friends?

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