9 Home Decor Staples for Those on a Budget

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When I first moved out on my own, I was fortunate to have the financial stability to at least buy the necessary first furniture and decor pieces for my first apartment. However, I was still on a budget. Reflecting upon this, I've realized there's truly 9 home decor staples for those on a budget that you can begin with when creating your first home!

coffee table

I got my first (and current) coffee table from IKEA for only $40 and it's still holding up great two years later! My recommendation is to pick something with a shelf beneath it for extra storage - this will reduce your need for storage units.

tv stand

Another way to increase your storage, grab a TV stand with extra cubes and shelves. Add some decor by buying some fresh plants (or faux - not gonna lie: they're easier to manage).


My next big project will be to create a beautiful vanity space! While my apartment's bathroom came with a vanity built into the bathroom counter, I'm saving up for a nice chair (that will be step two). By using the Alex storage units by IKEA, you can easily create your own vanity without buying a $400 vanity piece. You get 2-3x as much storage for half the price!

mantel accents

My mantel is one of my favorite features of the house! Luckily, when we moved in, our apartment space came with a purple/grey accent wall - just my taste! The white mantel is the focus of the wall, drawing attention to itself - which means we needed some accents to spice it up. Even investing in some live plants (or faux plants) and some glass pieces will add depth.


To maximize your storage space, getting an ample bookshelf or bookcase is necessary. You can add end pieces to spice up the shelf, like this designer did above: a crystal here and there, a plant, a bauble. You can also find cheap shelves and bookcases at IKEA (can you tell I love it!?).


This person (photo above) used IKEA's Alex storage drawers to create their own workspace - you can buy a smaller Alex set with only 5 units as opposed to 9 for this arrangement. Having a decent-sized desk or workspace is vital for me personally - since I do a majority of my work from home, it's necessary that I have a place where I can clear my mind and get things done.

dining area

I'm not the type who needs a dining room or designated space to eat, however, this can get tricky (admittedly for me, too). If you don't use a designated space, you can easily hobby eat (or in other words, boredom eat or not realize how much you're consuming). Having a dining area allows you to set boundaries on what you munch on and can be nice for family gatherings!


More than likely, your apartment or home will come with closet space built in, however, I'm the type to have a LOT more clothes than what will comfortably fit into a closet (when considering I share this with my boyfriend). Having a dresser will save you space and worry!

lots of lighting

I don't know about you, but I get very irritated when I buy a big lamp only to find out that its brightness is lame when I buy the bulb it claims to need. Maybe it's the material of the lamp that impairs the lighting effect, or the bulb itself. All I know is that I need LOTS of lighting. This is one piece you don't want to skimp out on - a well lit home is a happy home :)

Which of these items could you not live without?

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