15 of Pinterest's Best Homemade Doughnut Recipes

Say it with me, ladies: DOUGHNUTS. ARE. LIFE! What's better is the chance to know exactly what's going into your sweet treats - and these 15 homemade doughnut recipes give you the chance to craft your own.

Whenever I want to spoil myself and treat myself out, I opt for a doughnut or other sugary treat. While a 69 cent doughnut is easier than baking my own, sometimes I just want to give some special baking a shot. That's when I turn to Pinterest.

Pinterest is like a Bible for food (and its bloggers). Here's a roundup of 15 of Pinterest's best homemade doughnut recipes!

1. Glazed Doughnuts via Jamie Cooks It Up!

2. Strawberry Buttermilk with Strawberry Glaze via A Happy Food Dance

3. Jelly Doughnuts via Bakers Royale

4. Vanilla Doughnuts via Cuisine moi un mouton

5. Cinnamon Rolls via The Pioneer Woman

6. Churros with Chocolate-Peanut Butter Sauce via Tablespoon

7. Mudslide Doughnuts via Goodie Godmother

8. Lemon Sugar Baked Doughnuts via Belle of the Kitchen

9. Oreo Cheesecake Doughnuts via Will Cook for Smiles

10. Funnel Cakes via The Cooking Bride

11. DIY Mini Eclairs via Camille Styles

12. Baked Cinnamon Roll Mini Doughnuts via Dinner, Then Dessert

13. Cake Doughnut Recipe via Recipe

14. Colorful Homemade Doughnut Glaze via A Subtle Revelry

15. Coffee and Doughnut Ice Cream with Mocha Hot Fudge Swirl via Melanie Makes

Which one of these recipes sounds the best to you? Leave your thoughts in the comments!