How to Balance Blogging with Being a College Student

How to Balance Blogging with Being a College Student

Running a blog as a college student can be a balancing act. Blogging is a time-consuming hobby and job. In addition to writing content for our blogs, we bloggers have to take photos, maintain an active presence on social media, design graphics, execute a marketing strategy, send and respond to emails and promote our blogs.

Between blogging and college, it can be hard to balance everything!

I started my blog during my senior year of college, and I have definitely spent one too many hours working on my blog instead of studying for exams or paying attention during class.

However, along the way I have picked up some useful strategies for maintaining a balance between blogging and being a full-time college student!

Here are my top five tips for maintaining a balance in your life!

1. Batch blogging tasks.

One of the best things you can do as a blogger is batch your blogging tasks. One thing I like to do is batch-write blog posts. When I have a large chunk of free time (for example, over Christmas break) I will hunker down and write as many blog posts as I can. This allows me to stay a month or two ahead on blog content at all times, so I don’t have to worry about writing new posts during super busy weeks at school.

I also batch tasks like scheduling social media posts, designing Pinterest graphics for my blog posts, and writing email newsletters. I’ll dedicate a whole afternoon to just one of these tasks and focus on only that task.

2. Commit to a reasonable posting schedule.

A lot of bloggers try to commit to really ambitious schedules, like posting five to seven times a week. That level of posting can be hard to maintain during busy periods at school and can lead to blogging burnout.

Instead, it’s better to focus on quality over quantity and commit to a reasonable posting schedule. Even if that means publishing a new blog post once a week (or even once every other week) - that’s okay! It’s better to post less and maintain your sanity than go crazy trying to post a million times a week!

3. Use a planner.

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with using a planner to stay organized. I have a Lilly Pulitzer planner that I use for school/personal and an online planner that I use for my blog.

I keep a separate planner for my blog because it’s also my business, and there are a lot of important things to keep track of. You can use your blogging planner to jot down blog post ideas, schedule blog posts, email newsletters, etc., and track your blogging income and goals.

4. Set aside a specific time block for blogging each week.

This one is SO important for me. I like to set aside specific times during the week that are JUST for blogging. If I am studying or sitting in class and I have the sudden urge to stop paying attention and do something blog-related, I will make a quick note about it and save it for later.

Then, when my dedicated blogging time comes around, I’ll get back to it. This helps me separate school time from blogging time and makes me more productive and focused in both areas!

5. Connect with other college bloggers.

Most of my college friends don’t even know about my blog, and those that do don’t really understand it.

So connecting with other college bloggers has been an absolutely lifesaver for me. Having other bloggers who are in the same situation as you is incredibly valuable, whether it’s for bouncing ideas off each other or just staying motivated.

Balancing blogging with being a full-time college student can definitely be a challenge, but I hope these tips will help you maintain a balance between the two!

How to Balance Blogging with Being a College Student


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