How to Become a Flight Attendant: Training

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Working for an airline has already been one of the greatest adventures of my life. I never know where I'm going next, every day is full of surprise after surprise! Each training is different, because they are run by the company you are hired for, so experiences may vary. This is the second installment of my "How to Become a Flight Attendant" series, covering the training process.

I actually just got back from a trip to Costa Rica - I got paid to sit by the pool and stay in a beautiful hotel! It's way too good to be true. To get to this point, you endure hours after hours of training which involves plenty of tears and sleeplessness! Expect to spend the full 5.5 weeks on lectures, practices and drills.

By the end of training, you really know everything you'd ever need to about being a flight attendant. The first week or two is spent with a lot of lecture time! Class is from 8 a.m. sharp until 5 p.m., and by sharp... I mean SHARP. Lateness is not accepted and you can lose your spot if you're even a couple minutes late.

You will have days devoted to firefighting, water, CPR and other intense subjects! Fire day was one of my favorites and we spent it rotating through different scenarios. We got to put out controlled fires and learn about different types of fire. 

On pool day, we were shuttled to a local pool and in groups we had to flip a raft, climb onto an inflation slide and pull each other across the pool. It was a lot of fun! We also had to set up a raft tent and "distribute supplies" in the event that we had a ditching. I also loved reenacting situations on our little mock airplane. Some of us would be the crew and the rest would be passengers. The instructors would give the passengers an illness or a scenario (like their phone was on fire!). We as the crew would have to identify the problem and solve it. It was great practice and lots of fun.

Training was a lot of hard work and weeks of dedication. While it was difficult, I also made some great lifelong friends and now feel like I earned the career that I'm in. I love what I do! Stay tuned... my next flight attendant post will be all about the process of being on reserve :)

What's your dream job? Let me know in the comments! Also don't hesitate to ask any clarifying questions about the training process.


This is part of the mini series "How to Become a Flight Attendant" written by Emma Crane, a recently crowned flight attendant! The perfect get started kit for future flight attendants, Emma aims to ease a daunting process. Stay tuned for future posts!



Emma is a part-time contributor at, bringing her love for travel and exploration. Since graduating from The Evergreen State College (Washington) in 2013 and living in London, England for almost 1.5 years, she is now a flight attendant with a major airline. In her spare time, she enjoys embroidery, travel + breakfast food.