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How to Decorate an Office Space

Something exciting happened the last week of February! I got my own office space in the heart of downtown Olympia, Washington (my hometown). I'm sharing the space with two other creatives: the lead photographer in my business, Sydney, as well as our web/graphic designer and videographer friend Stephanie. I quickly learned a lot about how to decorate an office!

How to Decorate an Office Space

Trek to IKEA

The first stop you've gotta make is your nearest IKEA store! The night we signed the lease, Stephanie and I went to IKEA and grabbed desks, chairs, a storage unit, lamp, clock and other miscellaneous items - not gonna lie: we filled up TWO whole rolling carts (you know, the long ones you find in the showroom)! This is by far the most affordable option for your core pieces.

Amazon is Your Best Friend

Don't even doubt it, girl - Amazon is your BFF on this journey! Sydney was able to create her entire, gorgeous photo studio space purely with items she found on Amazon: a daybed, pillows, hanging macrame, floor pouf and a tray to adorn it.

Because our office window is so large, we had to create a custom curtain 13 feet in length (not joking!), so we went to JoAnn Fabric & Craft although we found the rods on Amazon. While we were at it, Sydney also created a curtain to hang on the plain white wall behind the daybed - covering some exposed outlets and an unnecessary decorative window.

How to Decorate an Office Space

Support Local Artists

Aside from just simply decorating our space with local pieces here and there, we decided to hire a local artist to weave one-of-a-kind, custom woven tapestries for the office - each tapestry a different shape for each gal/business, each tapestry also made with our unique business brand colors. Each tapestry is hung on driftwood for an extra special touch!

I had also been eyeing this gorgeous, custom designed piece at our local floral shop and decided to make my own version of it: a long, uniquely shaped stick decorated with boho chic/minimalist flowers, foliage and airplants, tied on each end with a triangle of grey ribbon and nailed to hang on the wall with a copper, decorative nail.

Instead of heading to Target to grab the newest trendy, mass produced tapestry, why not invest a little more and have it handmade? You can think this way about anything, really. This is a great way to showcase local artists, especially if your business is proud to be local-grown!

Remember: Little By Little & Basics First!

At the end of the day, it's key to remember: you don't need to get everything purchased and setup on Day 1. Gather items little by little to enhance the aesthetic and grab the basics first: the workspace, seating, office supplies.

Interested in seeing more photos of the finished space (including Sydney's photo studio)? Click here to hop over to my business blog and get all the deets!


We're sending our congratulations if you've recently opened up an office space of your own or are launching your own in-home office! How are you decorating your space?

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Photography Credit: Stevie Rotella Photography

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