How to Live as Your Best Self (and Maybe Even Get Paid for it)


How to live as your best self can be a complicated notion. How do we do this? Well, it's quite simple, actually...

As a child, I never truly knew what I would be, or who I'd become. I had some vague ideas--I believed in the value of sentimentality and always wanted to become a professional figure skater. I enjoyed reading stories to my stuffed animals, so who knew, maybe I'd be an elementary school teacher.

Then, as I grew older: I recognized that I always loved people and was adamant about giving back to others, so I figured I'd turn to the path of psychology and become a therapist specializing in anxiety studies. But none of these things truly embraced my one passion: social media marketing. The ability the Internet gives us to connect with those we've never met before fascinates me. Every day, I stand in awe of the Internet's beauty and her innate ability to bring change to the world.

How did I discover what I wanted to do? I stopped denying my own happiness. I stopped lying to myself. I stopped choosing the "safe" career choice just because I knew it would bring me a steady income and would be something I could depend on. Sometimes, it's better just to dream and start by embracing what youlove. I am someone who was meant to give back to others and make a difference, only perhaps in a different way than one might naturally think when they hear these words.

So, how can we all best live up to who we are meant to be--to our best selves?


Ask yourself this very important question. Blogging, social media writing, e-newsletter content, website creation and utilizing marketing tactics--all these wonderful things are things I genuinely LOVE doing and that I do every single day--without getting paid. Running this full-time blog is not a piece of cake and takes plenty dedication. Go pursue whatever excites you!


This is a hefty question, but you better start answering it now before you get caught up in a career you can't get out of. As Craig Goldblatt says, this can be found by combining our core beliefs and values and our identity (who we are). I combine my deep compassion for the human race, sentimentality and the need to be heard/understood with my belief that everyone deserves to be discovered in one way or another, in addition to having the opportunity to do what they love. With these values in mind, I am able to collaborate effectively with my clients and serve them, telling their story and helping them be heard.


Just as I mapped out the combination of my identity and my values/beliefs, try your best to accurately gauge whether or not this life's purpose would serve you well in living out this passion, and vice versa.

When we align our passion with our life's purpose, we are able to be our best selves. We all have a unique spark within us that is begging to be let loose--ready to let us live to our true potential and make a difference in the world.

What's your passion?