The 52 Lists Project (#52ListsProject): How to Love Yourself

How to Love Yourself

This week's #52Lists Project prompt is "How to Love Yourself More". In these chaotic days, especially autumn, it can be hard to keep up on the little things we can do to love ourselves better and pride ourselves on what we have accomplished recently. Take a moment now:

  • Get a manicure or pedicure at a local spa. Find a regular spot to frequent.
  • Write little affirmations to yourself and place them around your regular spots in the house (or bathroom mirror, so it's the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night).
  • Take a moment to just do nothing! Clear your mind and let the calm take over.
  • Visit a hypnotherapist or regular therapist and work through some buried issues.
  • Never eat or exercise for weight reasons, unless you have a life-threatening condition.
    Love where you are right in this moment and don't try to be someone else's body type.
  • Similar to the above: stop looking at magazines that tear us down. Take a break from news.
  • Never accept less than what you're worth. You know better than anyone else the path you are destined to arrive at - don't trade that for the world. Trust me, girl.
  • Never skip a date with yourself. Whether it's a simple coffee at Starbucks, a trip to binge-shop at Target, or an outing to see the latest chick flick, you need some me-time on a regular basis.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others! I know, easier said than done. This is something I strive to get better at each day. Instead of looking at all the good someone else is doing, look at how incredible you are, sister!
  • Splurge on a gorgeous piece of jewelry and #TREATYOSELF (maybe that pair of sea glass earrings you've had your eyes on).


What does your list include?

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How to Love Yourself




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