"I Don't Wear Heels!" & Other Fashion Confessions

Who defines the rules of fashion and fashion blogging? I don't know. What I do know is that most conventional fashion bloggers that've successfully made a name for themselves and developed a solid online presence often fit a few common criteria. They wear heels.

The working and fashion-forward women of the world don't seem to have any problem putting a six-inch platform on their feet every day as they head into the office, carried out through dinner in the evenings. I've always had a sick sort of envy over this.

For the past four years, I've seen the ladies in my store buying platform heels every day, so much that it's become an odd fact that I don't wear them myself. I've got this flat foot situation that my podiatrist claimed was "the worst he had seen in all his years in medicine" (and he was old)!

They fit about a size six or so.

We all know that a size six is not the national average pant size for women, but for some reason, the most popular fashionistas that we see on Pinterest seem to fit our societal pressures of the "sexy, perfect weight". I'll admit: I've pinned their looks, too. This doesn't discredit them as fashion icons or good people, but when one size is favored far more than others in our community, it's hard to not get discouraged in the blogosphere.

They take time to do intricate hair and makeup.

Ladies, I chopped my hair off so I didn't have to deal with the hour of blow drying, curling and primping that ensues every morning! I also don't entertain eye makeup because of my glasses (another odd trait--a fashion blogger with glasses!?).

I believe this diversity within the blogging community is so necessary. It's a breath of fresh air.

While I'm technically not a "fashion blogger" in my niche, I do blog about fashion within my lifestyle blog, and considering my blog name, many people mistake me for one.

A while back, I wrote about the importance of blogging and why I chose to start blogging as a normal, everyday gal. Even if a minimal amount of us ever make it, gathering a plethora of blog followers, I believe us average-looking, unique souls should be blogging, all around the world, enriching our Internet with a variety of opinions, styles and attitudes.

There's not only one way to do it.

What are a few of your secret confessions?