The 7 Tastiest Iced Tea Recipes for the Summer

Happy Summer! How's yours been so far? We only have less than a week left and I don't know about you, but my city has been BURNING UP in this grand finale!

Iced teas are one of my favorite things. I adore a good Starbucks iced tea (the iced peach black tea lemonade is the best!), but making it at home can be that much more satisfying. I've rounded up my favorite 7 tastiest iced tea recipes for summer below:

Refreshing Strawberry Iced Tea via Food

Honey Mint Green Iced Tea via Will Cook for Smiles

Orange Mint Iced Tea via Wok With Ray

Vegan Thai Iced Tea via Minimalist Baker

Watermelon Iced Tea via Flavors of Mumbai

*Here's a bonus: flavored ice cube recipes that make your drinks POP (I like the lavender one)!

What's your favorite way to cool off this summer? Share your tricks in the comments!