Use Iconosquare to Optimize Your Instagram Experience

Use Iconosquare to Optimize Your Instagram Experience | Fashionably Frank

If you're a super-savvy social lady like myself, then it's quite likely that you're equally as obsessed with Instagram! In order to easily track my followers/followings, search hashtags and other important bits + bobs, I've enlisted Iconosquare as my go-to tool, and trust me--it's amazing.

I pay for Iconosquare's PLUS plan at just $4.90 per month for my personal, lifestyle Instagram account and I unlock a majority of the features. However, if you'd like to splurge and pay for ELITE, you can snag all sorts of downloadable Excel sheet exports with reports of your account, in addition to a couple other features like hashtag performance indicators and competitor tracking (perfect for biz owners who'd like to see what their competition is doing with their social marketing on Insta).

The PLUS plan comes with all the basic features necessary for an individual to analyze their audience and still search and respond to hashtags and other people's content in order to circulate their feed to the eyes of more users. Let's dive right in and explore!


When you reach your Iconosquare Pro homepage and login, you'll see your profile. This is mine:

franklykathryn Instagram Iconosquare

Here, you can track all of your uploaded media and respond to comments right in the platform by simply clicking on each photo.


franklykathryn Instagram Iconosquare

Here's an example of my response made within Iconosquare to someone responding to my photo (a very sweet French-speaking gal!).


franklykathryn Instagram Iconosquare

Above is Iconosquare's built-in Comment Tracker which alerts you of comments you haven't yet seen since your last login. You can delete and respond to comments here in their seamless interface.


franklykathryn Instagram Iconosquare

As you can see above, Iconosquare allows you to track in-depth the points at which your follower count waned, and when it skyrocketed. As social marketers, it's important that we understand these trends and think about the big picture: what might have made a whole chunk of people decide to follow me on this day, when another chunk unfollowed me the next day?

What was I posting? Is it controversial? Is it helping to narrow my followers to those who truly connect with my message? Am I delivering the right message for my audience? All the good stuff that you wouldn't know otherwise. Instagram is the only major platform that does not offer built-in analytics, therefore there is no way to know this information unless you have some magic power that allows you to mentally track which days you lost how many followers, etc.!



Another fun feature of Iconosquare is the ability to view who exactly stopped following, started following, and who of your followers have the most followers of their own. This allows you to engage with the people who left (if you wish to), or analyze deeper to figure out why they may have left. It also allows you to "creep" on the new followers and see what might've attracted them to you!



More cool features! Iconosquare allows you to see who you follow that do not follow you back, who follows you that you don't follow back and gives you a list of followers that follow you that you also follow back.



Probably one of my favorite features of Iconosquare is the ease and spaciousness of their hashtag search tool. As someone who strongly believes in the power of community engagement, I use the hashtags that I put on my posts to reach out to people within my niche with similar interests. Within the Iconosquare framework, you are able to comment, like and follow individuals with a quick click of a button.

All in all, Iconosquare is worth the -$5 investment and I suggest it to all of you who wish to optimize their Instagram experience!

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Use Iconosquare to Optimize Your Instagram Experience | Fashionably Frank