Spring Cleaning: Tidy Up Your Bathroom with IKEA Alex Drawers

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March is in full swing, and you know what that means: SPRING CLEANING time! I elected to tidy up my bathroom with the IKEA Alex drawers - you know, those super famous drawers that all the beauty gurus use to keep their collections neat. I have barely any cosmetics, but look forward to growing my collection and also adore the minimalistic look that this storage unit provides.

We ended up visiting the Seattle, Washington IKEA when they were transitioning to their new location, meaning all floor models were on sale and it was CRAZY packed, but we came home safely with our beloved Alex drawer. I can't tell you how many U-Haul trucks were there in a single hour! People were trying to fit FRIDGES on their trucks.

I chose the 9 drawer version of the Alex drawers and couldn't be happier. The great thing about the Alex drawer is that it's very tall and skinny, so you don't have to worry about it being too wide to fit in small spaces. While our bathroom is quite roomy for our ~750 sq ft. apartment, every little bit helps.

I used the Alex drawer to clean off our countertops where we had been keeping piles of products in baskets (one basket for each of us) and randomly adding items that we had NO IDEA about months later. It was pretty hot messy.

I decided to use a tray I had bought earlier at T.J. Maxx to display our most regularly used hygiene products. The tray is beautiful - white with clear glass and a lattice-like pattern.

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The storage includes our teeth brushing items, deodorant and my skincare routine.

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Right next to the tray, I put a couple ring plates to store my miscellaneous accessories and my REAL ring when I'm taking a shower (gifted to me from Cost Plus World Market this holiday season). I also placed my close-up makeup mirror with them, just in case I need it in the morning. Clearly, I hadn't wiped the mirror down before this photo ;)

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I started by placing a spinning cosmetic organizer on top of the Alex drawers, along with my caddy that houses my straightening and curling irons, as well as a hairdryer. Next to these are a couple products - a nice B&BW spray (that we use for the not-so-nice smells in the bathroom), in addition to my dry shampoo (I swear by this stuff!) and a hair spray.

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This spinning organizer is EVERYTHING. I use the Glam Caddy Rotating Cosmetic Organizer which you can purchase at Bed Bath & Beyond.

For the first tier, I organize my most used makeup brushes, along with my concealers/primers. My beauty blenders sit on top, and my blushes are found in the first storage compartments underneath. My most used foundations can also be found on the sides of the first tier (not visible in photo).

The second tier is used to store all of my eye products. Eyebrow pencils, dip brow, eyeliners, mascara, etc.

And last but not least, the third tier houses everything else that is in larger packaging: my translucent powder, highlighters, bronzers, eyeshadows and setting sprays.

This spinning organizer lets me access all my most used products incredibly fast - especially if I wake up late in the morning! Highly recommend.

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I started organizing my cosmetics in my Alex drawers by picking up some clear, plastic containers from T.J. Maxx - designed perfectly for this purpose. I use these so I can separate products - all my ColourPop lippies in one section, all Mac lipsticks in another and so forth.

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Random neat makeup tip: if you weren't already aware, your makeup and skincare products have time limits on them! To find these, look at the back of your label and find the illustration that looks like an open circular pot of lotion or cream with the top propped open. This setting spray (above) expires in 6 months (6M). Can you see it?

If you think you'll have trouble remembering when you purchased the products, you can write the date you purchased them on the containers themselves.

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I also organized boyfriend Jared's items in the clear containers - they fit perfectly! This included his razors, colognes and assorted grooming products.

I continued filling up our Alex drawers with our travel bags, my hair accessories, etc. Then, I deep cleaned! Jared and I are big fans of the "method" natural cleaning line that you can find at Target or most big retailers like it. We use the glass & surface cleaner for our mirrors, and the all purpose cleaner for most of our surfaces. These have advanced, ammonia-free, non-toxic cleaning technology which we much prefer.

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In addition to the Alex drawers, we picked up a new shower curtain while we were at IKEA. At Target, we were able to find a new bath rug, shower curtain liner, bath mat and toilet seat cover - almost all in shades of gray to fit our new color vibe.

*The white, fluffy sink rug pictured in the very first image in this post was purchased at Cost Plus World Market, in case you were curious.

In no time, you will have a beautiful bathroom with a gorgeous, pristine feeling!

What are you doing with your bathroom to make sure it's in tip-top shape this spring?


This is part of the Spring Cleaning series. Bookmark this link and check back soon for more posts throughout March and April!




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