My All-Time Favorite Kate Spade Day Planner (Peek Inside!)

Ever since I was small I've been OBSESSED with day planners, agendas, calendar books whatever you want to call them! But nothing compares to my newest discovered day planner: the Mega Black Stripe 17 Month Kate Spade Agenda (or Kate Spade Day Planner).

First things first: it's beautiful. I'm a big fan of black and white, neutrals and monochrome styles. I'm also a big fan of stripes. The two married and created the perfect baby!

Aside from a lovely, giant storage pocket in the front of the planner, when you first open it up, you are able to add your own celebration dates for each month of the year - birthdays, traditions and your own made up holidays if you have any!

I love how organized the whole planner is - I dig me some good organization! Each month is separated by tab like a typical planner and each month is laid out as a large calendar before diving in to each individual day listing.

Below is a peek at the monthly view:

What I adore the most about this planner above all other things is this: each month has a unique message on the tab page. November's says: "This is the month to... practice your pumpkin pie recipe. Steal the spotlight. Take a chance. Carry a yellow umbrella on a grey day. Give thanks."

These messages warm my heart and inspire me - it's something so teeny and simple, yet so profound. You know me - I'm a sucker for a good Pinterest quote!

And sticking true to day planner fashion, the Kate Spade day planner wraps itself up with plenty of blank space for notes!

The mega planner is an investment, but a fabulous one. It is by far my all-time favorite agenda to this day (and I've used a LOT of agendas!). It knocks the other brands out of the park with Kate Spade's attention to detail and acknowledgement of what the every woman needs.

Have you tried the Kate Spade, or have you found another day planner that's your perfect companion? Share with others in the comments!